As 2021 prospects go many of these young men have taken major hits in terms of their recruitment and with the high school seasons up in the air right now due to COVID-19 trends upward the likelihood of those players getting seen over the next few months in the upper Midwest is slim to none.  So the late blooming sleeper stories will be few and far between unfortunately but that won’t stop us from putting the names out there as much as possible and 2021 F Jonah Rindfleisch of Wisconsin Lutheran (WI) is one highly intriguing one to discuss.

A plus length raw skilled forward, Rindfleisch made a solid name for himself this fall with some quality performances at various NY2LA Sports event.  Equipped with a 6’8 frame that allows him to provide size and length to any roster, the emerging senior is a highly intriguing prospect who could make a strong impact at a high Division 2 level and he could easily catch a few looks at the lower Division 1 level for teams with a late need.  His activity and performances at the recent NY2LA Sports Top 40 League, which featured many of the top prospects in Wisconsin, opened a lot of eyes and captured the attention of yours truly in a variety of ways.

He brings nice activity to the court, he has the ability to impact both ends of the floor, he rebounds well, and he has the ability to score from each level.  He’s highly efficient with his floor production and he showed an ability to score in flurries while also delivering in a role capacity when others had it going offensively.  A late blooming sleeper in the truest sene, Rindfleisch has a lot of clay to mold into a quality collegiate prospect and given the need for size and length each year so it makes a lot of sense for schools to check out this emerging senior who’s one of the best kept secrets in Wisconsin for 2021 prospects still left on the board.

Rindfleisch played with the Wisconsin RAP program this past summer.