Much has been said about the class of 2022 in the state of Texas regarding high level recruits on the basketball court.  There also is a crop of potential Division 1 level prospects that have flown under the radar in some regards.  Kaleb Pouncy, a 6’6 do it all wing out of Atascocita, TX has emerged as one of those flying under the radar types but that could very well change soon.  Simply put, he has all the making to be one of the top recruits in the state once it is all said and done.  

Pouncy is extremely efficient on the basketball court.  One of his biggest skill sets is his ability to impact the game and make his teammates better.  He has incredible court vision and he puts people in position to finish when he delivers passes.  He has above average ball handling skills and thrives off putting the ball on the floor and finishing above the rim.  He can score with either hand at the rim and recently he has developed the ability to pull up and hit the mid-range jump shot with consistency.  While his three-point shot is still improving, he has grown more comfortable stepping back and consistently knocking down the three from time to time.   

Pouncy has great length defensively and this helps him keep most opponents in front of him while defending multiple positions.  His instincts are above average and always is in position to get steals and deflections.  His athleticism allows him to be a rim protector if needed and battle down against players in the paint in certain situations.  He takes pride in shutting down the opponent’s best offensive player and his teammates thrive off his energy and it usually nets positive results.  There’s a lot of clay to mold here and these tools have all the makings of a potential high caliber prospect when it all comes together at the next level.   

Schools both regionally and beyond are starting to take notice and will be following him very closely over the next year.  Given his competitive attitude and determination he will continue to develop his game and he has the potential to be a quality emerging story in Texas over the next 8-12 months.  Kaleb played for F.A.M Elite during this past year’s travel season.