The NY2LA Sports Top 40 Fall League hit the hardwood last week for its opening night and with a prospect list that boasted many of the top players in the state of Wisconsin from the 2021-2024 classes the opening night did not disappoint.  So with that being said we begin our coverage of this year’s fall platform with a look at the top performers and the MVP for week 1…

2021 - Kobe Johnson – 6’5 – G – Nicolet (WI)
32.5 FIPG – 14 MPG – 16 EPG – 16.5 PPG – 7 APG – 5.5 RPG – 3.5 SPG
The USC bound guard led his team to two victories on the night with a couple of high quality games that checked all the boxes.  He scored, rebounded, and created, while also being disruptive on the defensive end of the floor.  He was excellent at big moments and he helped his team close out wins with high caliber floor efforts throughout the night.  

2021 - Brandin Podziemski – 6’6 – SG – St. Johns NWMA (WI) 
40 FIPG – 12 MPG – 18 EPG – 27.5 PPG – 3.5 APG – 6 RPG – 1.5 BPG
He posted the second highest Floor Impact score on the night while helping his team to two wins.  He was among the top two in Floor Impact, Efficiency, Scoring, etc. and he posted an assist to turnover ratio of 3.5 to 1.  

(Note – Listed in alphabetical order)
2021 - Amar Augillard – 6’5 – G/F – Zion-Benton (IL) 
43.5 FIPG – 9.5 MPG – 10 EPG – 30.5 PPG – 3.5 APG – 7 RPG – 1.5 SPG
His team posted a 1-1 mark on the night and Augillard’s scoring and effort was a big reason for the come from behind win in the opening game.  He can finish at all levels and that was proven as he finished scoring close to 31 points a game in both contests, tops on the night.  He elevated his playmaking and his consistency on the glass was also solid.  

2022 - Leon Bond – 6’5 – SF – Wauwatosa East (WI) 
32.5 FIPG – 10.5 MPG – 18 EPG – 20 PPG – 7.5 RPG – 2 BPG – 1.5 SPG
Leon was active on both ends and he was efficient with his production as he posted one of the top 6 floor impact scores on the night while also boasting one of the top 3 efficiency scores.  An athletic and versatile wing, Bond was on the glass, he scored in transition, he finished in half court sets, and he added some nice activity defensively in a solid opening week of work.

2021 – Tyrese Hunter – 6’1 – PG – Racine St. Catherines (WI)
29 FIPG – 9 EPG – 17.5 PPG – 6 APG
The Iowa State bound lead guard made a concerted effort to distribute the basketball and that was evident as he was among the top 10 in Floor Impact and among the top 3 in assists.  He opened up with a solid floor game in a close loss before taking over down the stretch of his second game and helping his team to victory.

2021 - David Joplin – 6’7 – F – Brookfield Central (WI) 
36 FIPG – 13.5 MPG – 10 EPG – 19.5 PPG – 11 RPG – 1.5 BPG – 1.5 SPG
The Texas bound forward showed a little bit of everything opening night and he was dominant while posting double doubles in both games.  He scored consistently around the basket and at the mid-range level and occasionally he ripped the nets from long range.  He was active on both ends and he posted one of the top 3 floor impact scores on the night.

2021 - Selle Dime – 6’8 – F/C – Golda Meir (WI)
26 FIPG – 17.5 MPG – 18.5 EPG – 11.5 RPG – 5 BPG
One of the quietly emerging sleepers in the state of Wisconsin’s 2021 class, Dime scored at times but he led the night in both the Matrix and Efficiency scores on the night with impressive fashion while also leading the way in shot blocking and rebounding.  At the end of the day he did what he does well and that’s serve as a solid consistent interior force on both ends and doing a lot of the dirty work most hate to do.  He was really impressive on opening night. 

2023 - Milan Momcilovic – 6’8 – F – Pewaukee (WI)
31.5 FIPG – 13.5 MPG – 17.5 EPG – 17 PPG – 2.5 APG – 11 RPG
Generally speaking it’s hard for most freshman and sophomores to post floor impact scores above 25 to 30 when playing against older players because the overall physicality, pace, and talent level prevents it.  Thus, what Momcilovic did was very impressive for his opening night as he was among the top 10 in the floor impact category while also being in the top 5 in both the Matrix categories and Efficiency categories.  Mix in a top 5 performance rebounding and some nice scoring and it’s easy to see why he’s regarded as one of the best 2023 prospects in the country.  He was very good on opening night.  

2021 – Brian Parzych – 6’1 – PG – Wauwatosa East (WI)
24.5 FIPG – 14.5 MPG – 14.5 EPG – 8 APG – 7 RPG 
The talented senior guard led the way in assists and he was among the best in rebounds, matrix, efficiency, etc.  He showed an ability to create and make an impact without scoring.  One of the quietly developing guards in the 2021 class, Parzych was a solid overall floor leader who made his presence felt by making his teammates better in both games.

2022 - Donavan Short – 6’10 – F/C – Denmark (WI)
34.5 FIPG – 8 MPG – 10 EPG – 24.5 PPG – 6.5 RPG – 2 BPG
The emerging big was excellent at times on opening night as he was among the best in terms of Floor Impact and scoring while also attacking the glass and being active defensively.  He’s got excellent vertical athleticism for a young big and his overall ability to run the floor and attack the glass creates matchup problems for opposing teams.  He had a solid opening night.

2021 - Brennan Timm – 6’5 – F – St. Johns NWMA (WI) 
34.5 FIPG – 15 MPG – 17.5 EPG – 19 PPG – 2.5 APG – 11 RPG
One of the better kept secrets in the state, Timm has put together an excellent fall that’s been filled with activity, effort, and high level production.  That was evident as he scored and rebounded his way to one of the top floor efforts on the night while also being among the best in terms of both his Matrix scores and his Efficiency.  Translation…he can contribute with or without the basketball and it’s largely because his effort on both ends is exceptional and he pairs that with excellent instincts and feel.  

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