The annual NY2LA Sports Futures Camp tipped this past weekend and once again it featured an electric group of talent in the 2021-2024 classes.  Some of the top 2023 prospects left on the board in the Midwest in 2023 were on the hardwood and once again they made their presence felt.  We begin our coverage with a look at that standouts from the 2023 class from this past weekend…

2023 Camp MVP
Brock Harding – 6’0 – PG – Moline HS (IL)

A highly skilled up and coming floor general, Harding was exceptional from start to finish with his floor impact, his efficiency, and his overall leadership.  His team was dominant throughout the day and his 6 assists per game were a big reason why.  He scored close to 15 points a game, collected 2 steals a contest, and he served as the catalyst for a balanced attack that saw multiple guys from the same team excel, which is very hard to do in camp settings.  He was exceptional from start to finish and was a unanimous choice as camp MVP for the 2023 class.

2020 NY2LA Sports Futures Camp – Class of 2023 All-Camp Team
Note – Listed in alphabetical order
Michael Asman – 6’7 – F – Kimberly (WI)
A talented up and coming forward whose best basketball lies in front of him, Asman showed advanced skill with range that extends beyond the arc.  He paired that with solid instincts and feel to go along with emerging physical tools to make for an impressive showing.  Far from a finished product, the talented up and coming forward opened some eyes with a quality day of work.  

Riley Brooks – 6’4 – SG – Ripon (WI)
One of the top pure up and coming perimeter shooters in the Midwest, Brooks displayed that jumper time and time again throughout the day with both efficiency and dominance.  His range extends well beyond the arc and he has an ability to knock down the mid-range jumper as well.  He was active on the glass and found ways to contribute with and without the ball in improved fashion.  He’s one to watch closely in the 2023 class.  

Faizon Farr – 6’1 – PG – Beloit Memorial (WI)
One of the unheralded up and coming prospects in the state, Farr can play and his ability to handle the ball, score off the bounce in half court sets, and finish in transition is impressive.  He sees the floor well, he’s active on the defensive end, and he has the potential to really develop into a quality impact player on both ends over the next couple of years.  

Owen Freeman – 6’9 – F/C – BBCHS (IL)
A high caliber efficient up and coming big, Freeman stays within himself and he does so in dominant efficient fashion.  He posted a 25 FIPG, which one of the best on the day for his class and he did so while shooting close to 70 percent from the field.  Already holding a Division 1 offer from Illinois, Freeman is classic Big Ten type interior prospect and he’s one of the top 2023 bigs in the the Midwest with his best basketball in front of him.

Solomon Garrison – 5’8 – PG – Homestead (WI)
One of those talented guards that can at times be overlooked, Garrison had a great day and he showcased a little bit of everything in impressive fashion.  He handles the ball well, he makes good decisions, he has range that extends beyond the arc, and he sees the floor well.  Defensively he gives a solid effort and he finds ways to contribute and fill the box score on both ends of the court.  He plays hard and he is a student of the game.  He had a great day.

Milan Momcilovic – 6’8 – F – Pewaukee (WI)
One of the top 2023 forwards in the country, Momcilovic is a classic skilled forward with range that extends well beyond the arc.  His jumper is automatic at times and when it isn’t clicking he can still contribute around the basket and with his rebounding.  The best part of his performance on the day was he was struggling a bit from the perimeter so he decided to go to work in transition, around the basket, and on the glass and he did so in dominant fashion.  A good passing young big, he can do a little of everything at a high level and he continues to trend into high major impact status.  

Kenneth Morrast – 6’1 – SG – St. Orchard St. Mary’s (MI)
A late addition to the team after reviewing the notes and the production on the day, Morrast has an excellent perimeter stroke and the talented young marksman showed that first hand with a 60% shooting exhibition from beyond the arc.  A quality up and coming perimeter shooting specialist, Morrast was efficiently dominant scoring the basketball and he’s one to pay close attention to moving forward.  

Simeon Murchison – 6’8 – F/C – Milwaukee Bay View (WI)
A talented young big who is a double double type game in and game out, Murchison competes around the basket and he has the ability to finish consistently while also cleaning the glass and contesting shots.  He had a quality day on both ends of the floor and his overall Floor Impact and Matrix scores were some of the best for the 2023 class.  

Ty Pence – 6’5 – G/F – St. Joseph Ogden (IL)
An athletic up and coming wing with an ability to finish in a variety of ways, Pence was solid throughout the day showcasing a little bit of everything.  He finished at multiple levels, showed great energy, attacked the glass, and found ways to impact the game on both ends with his energy and his skill.  Really like the direction he’s trending and he impressed from start to finish.  

Alexander Sippy – 6’2 – G – Westosha Central (WI)
A late addition to the All-Camp team after going over the numbers, Sippy really had a high quality day in a variety of ways.  He posted a respectable FIPG score of 21.7 and he showcased an ability to score, rebound, and create while also bringing some nice disruptive energy to the defensive side of the floor.  An up and coming talent in Wisconsin, Sippy opened some eyes with a quality overall performance.

Danny Stephens – 6’6 – F – Southeastern (IL)
I’m a big fan of watching this young man play for no other reason that he just brings effort and toughness to the court.  He does a lot of the little things that don’t show up in the box score but for the measurable that do he can score, rebound, and produce at an efficient rate.  If he adds 2-3 more inches he will be a potential high major Division 1 prospect given his energy and ability to impact the game.

Bryce Tillery – 5’9 – PG – Hillcrest (IL)
A solid up and coming lead guard with handles, skill, instincts, and game, Tillery can score at multiple levels and he showed an ability to create at a quality level as well.  His floor impact was solid and impressive and he opened eyes in the process.  A quality day for the up and coming young guard.  

Mac Wrecke – 6’5 – G/F – Arrowhead (WI)
An active wing with advanced athleticism and an ability to fill the box score, Wrecke had an exceptional day from start to finish.  Generally a slashing wing with an ability to finish over the rim in transition and in half court sets, Wrecke showed an improved perimeter jumper and he brought his trademark activity to rebound, create, and generate steals.  He does a little bit of everything and he was at his best at times during the games in delivering a quality floor impact score in highly efficient fashion.

Prentice Young Jr. – 6’3 – PG – Wisconsin Lutheran (WI)
Had it not been for Harding’s performance Young could’ve very well captured the camp MVP.  He was exceptional in flashes and those flashes were so dominant that he delivered a 29.7 FIPG and a 12.3 EPG score, both tops on the day for his class.  He averaged close to 17 points a game, he grabbed 7 rebounds a contest, he kicked out 3 assists, and he collected almost 3 steals per game.  When it comes to filling the box score no one did it better than Young in the 2023 class and when you consider that he and his team struggled in one of the three games it shows actually how dominant he was in the other two.  A do it all guard in the mold of a young high school version of former Milwaukee Buck Paul Pressey, Young was outstanding throughout the day.