On Saturday, the 2023 class came to play and several greatly impressed with big time performances. The group on hand included many of the top 2023 players from all across the Midwest. 

Faizon Farr – G – 6’1”
Farr is a skilled up-tempo playmaking guard who both scored and distributed the basketball well. Uses his quickness and moves with the ball to get inside often and finish around the paint nicely or show off his passing ability to get good looks for his teammates. 

Owen Freeman – C – 6’9”
A sophomore already with good size at 6’9” and a strong build. Tough scorer around the basket who can finish over or through defenders. As well he showed a nice ability to take opposing big men off the dribble and get to the basket. One of the better rebounders at the event grabbing everything near him. 

Solomon Garrison – PG – 5’8”
Skilled lead guard who played well on both ends of the ball. Defensively he was constantly putting good pressure on the ball without fouling or getting beat with his quickness. He scored the ball well off the dribble with his quickness to get to the basket or pull up in the mid-range. As well, Garrison knocked down a couple shots from beyond the arc. 

Brock Harding – PG – 6’0”
Harding is a flashy playmaker with some great skills that earned himself MVP honors for the 2023 group. Incredibly elusive with the ball in his hands with his quickness, ball handling, and ability to change direction. As well Harding has tremendous passing skills to go along with his great court awareness. Additionally, the sophomore shot the ball well from the perimeter. 

Simeon Murchison – F – 6’8”
A powerful 6’8” big man. Murchison was a force in the paint on both ends of the court. A skilled shot blocker that was just shutting down the paint at times. Scored the ball at a high percentage inside and just could not be stopped when he got the ball in the paint. 

Ty Pence – G – 6’5”
Skilled wing guard with a good all-around game and solid frame. Scores the ball well in a variety of ways. Moves well to the basket to finish strong at the rim with his athleticism or score it from around the paint. Can also beat defenders from beyond the arc off the dribble or catch.  

Bryce Tillery – PG – 5’9”
Tillery is an explosive point guard that got a lot done on the floor. He has good handle and moves well with the ball plus has great acceleration to allow him to get to the basket often. Also, the sophomore shot the ball at a high percentage from both three and in the mid-range. Additionally, he contributed with assists, steals, and rebounds to make a huge impact.