The annual NY2LA Sports Futures Camp tipped this past weekend and once again it featured an electric group of talent in the 2021-2024 classes.  Some of the top 2021 prospects left on the board in the Midwest in 2021 were on the hardwood and once again they made their presence felt.  We begin our coverage with a look at that standouts from the 2021 class from this past weekend…

2021 Camp MVP
Brandin Podziemski – 6’6 – SG/F – St. Johns NWMA (WI)

A highly efficient and talented marksmen, Podziemski was exceptional throughout the day and his dominant performance was reinforced upon review as he delivered the highest overall floor impact for the day at 42.3 FIPG while helping his team to a 3-0 mark.  He showed skill, instincts, vision, athleticism, etc. and looked the part of a high major impact scoring wing game in and game out.  Brandin averaged 30 points a game, grabbed 7 rebounds a contest, kicked out close to 4 assists and collected almost 3 steals per game.  Mix in shooting 70 percent from the field and 50 percent from beyond the arc and it’s easy to see why he joined the likes of Tyler Herro, Patrick Baldwin Jr., Michael Foster, Semi Ojeleye, Kevon Looney, Jabari Parker, Deonte Burton, etc. as MVP at the NY2LA Sports Futures Camp.  

2021 Coaches Award
Nolan Rieder – 6’9 – F/C – Sussex Hamilton (WI)

One of the late blooming bigs in the state, Rieder delivered his second consecutive weekend of highly active and productive basketball scoring from all levels, cleaning the glass, and contributing with his effort and floor production game in and game out.  He averaged close to 15 points a game and almost 5 rebounds per contest while shooting over 52 percent from the field.  

2020 NY2LA Sports Futures Camp – Class of 2021 All-Camp Team
Note – Listed in alphabetical order

Grant Asman – 6’10 – F – Kimberly (WI)
One of the top skilled bigs available in the Midwest, Asman was once again stellard and active as he averaged 10 points a game and combined that with close to 8 rebounds and a couple of blocks while showing and ability to score at every level with consistency.  Far from a finished product, Asman has some nice bounce and he’s a legitimate Division 1 big that some school is going to steal at the 11th hour.  

Amar Augillard – 6’5 – SF – Zion-Benton (IL)
A man among boys in some ways, Augillard posted the 2nd highest overall floor impact on the day to the tune of 38.7 FIPG, which except for the ridiculous day Podziemski had would’ve probably garnered him camp MVP honors for the 2021 class.  He scored 30 points a contest and averaged almost 8 rebounds and a couple of assists while shooting close to 56% from the field.  He’s a double double in college regardless of the level because he scores at will and brings max effort and toughness game in and game out.  He was exceptionally dominant in terms of his production and his overall ability to physically control the game.

Isaiah Davis – 6’4 – F – Minnehaha Academy (MN)
If this young man played TE or DE on the football field he’d have a chance to go to the league, yup he’s that type of athlete.  A physically gifted talent, Davis can score and rebound in dominant fashion and that was evident throughout the day.  He posted a high quality 26 FIPG score and shot close to 57 percent from the field while knocking down shots at every level.  He’s a legitimate Division 1 athlete that will bring immediate toughness and skill wherever he goes.

Andre Gray – 6’4 – G – Minnehaha Academy (MN)
A late add to the all-camp team after going over the numbers and production, Gray was solid throughout while scoring from each level and producing in efficient fashion.  He did a little bit of everything and opened some eyes in the process.

Cole Farrell – 6’4 – SG – Hazelwood (MO)
Really like what he can be as a player big picture wise as he has nice size, good athleticism, and he’s fluid as a player on the court.  He can finish in transition, has solid defensive potential given his physical tools, and he has the ability to score at multiple levels.  Another quality Division 1 athlete still on the board in 2021.

Ronald Kirk Jr. – 6’4 – G/F – Dominican (WI)
He, like Gray and McHenry (see below), is a late addition to the all-camp team and to be honest he flat out was one of the very best the day had to offer upon further review.  On the fly is never the easiest and going back through everything Kirk was really really good.  He posted a near 26 FIPG score which was one of the top 10 on the day in the 2021 and 2022 classes and he did so while scoring close to 14 points a game grabbing almost 9 rebounds a contest and kicking out almost 4 dimes per game.  He’s really trending in the right direction and D1 and high level D2 schools alike need to do what they can to see him because Kirk can really play and he’s just starting to stretch his legs.

Cael McGee – 6’3 – SG – Stoughton (WI)
A tough and talented guard who brings it with effort, skill, and production game in and game out.  He was exceptional throughout the day to the tune of 15 points 6 rebounds and almost 4 assists per contest while shooting 52 percent from the field and 50 percent from beyond the arc.  Love his overall energy and as others on this board he’s trending upward as a talented player to watch very closely from both the D1 and D2 levels.

Donald McHenry – 6’1 – PG – Milwaukee Academy of Science (WI)
I’m a fan and this young man has some real game which could see him soar in the right system.  Athletically, quickness, and skill wise he’s a Division 1 caliber guard as a lead guard.  He’s shifty, explosive, instinctive, and has the ability to score at multiple levels off the bounce while also being disruptive on the defensive end.  As his overall playmaking develops so will his game.  Nice ceiling.

Hercy Miller – 6’3 – G – Minnehaha Academy (MN)
His last game was his best where he delivered a near triple double but overall his ability to defend and fill the box score was impressive throughout the day.  He can score at each level but is most comfortable off the bounce and his physical tools give him the ability to rebound and defend as a guard in an elite fashion.  His best basketball is ahead and he’s another legitimate Division 1 caliber guard still on the board.

Preston Ruedinger – 6’3 – G – Emmeline Cook (WI)
A lights out perimeter shooter with nice size and instincts, Ruedinger shot close to 64 percent from beyond the arc on the day and he mixed in some rebounding, playmaking, and overall grit with that production.  A talented sleeper in the 2021 class still on the board, he’s one of the top pure shooters in the Midwest regardless of the class.

Dre’ Scott – 6’5 – F – Pickneyville (IL)
Love all the intangibles and effort this young man brings to the table and a 25 FIPG score that saw him drop close to 15 points a game and almost 8 rebounds a contest mixed in with a little bit of everything else gave evidence of what he really brings to the table.  He’s a tough cover who brings max effort and toughness to the hardwood and his overall energy is contagious.  Definitely see Division 1 and high level Division 2 schools needing to take a look at him as well.

A.J. Smith – 6’7 – PF – Metro East Lutheran (IL)
Another of the max effort tweeners that stood out, Smith like many others is a casualty in part of the COVID-19 simply because schools couldn’t get out to see him.  Already hearing from certain schools, Smith would have that many more given his size and frame if coaches were able to lay eyes on him.  I like his effort, his overall ability to impact the game, and his energy level on both ends. He had a solid day from start to finish.

Will Smythe – 6’4 – SG – Orchard Lake St. Mary’s Prep (MI)
A quality marksman who can fill it up, Smythe opened some eyes with a couple quality performances in the day and he finished the day shooting close to 50 percent from beyond the arc.  A solid spot up or catch and shoot guard, Smythe is a specialist who fills a D1 or high D2 need in the right system.  He was solid throughout the day.

Brennan Timm – 6’5 – F – St. Johns NWMA (WI)
A max effort blue collard gritty forward who can play the 3 or the 4 and brings it every single possession.  He scores in a variety of ways from multiple levels and he attacks the glass and does all the little things that helps teams win games.  His perimeter shooting is improving but his overall value is being that motor guy to do all the things everyone else doesn’t want to and then he pairs that with some nice skill around the basket and in transition.  He had a really solid day.

Hakim Williams – 6’3 – PG – Round Lake (IL)
A big strong physical guard with handles and vision, Williams had flashes throughout the day of being a multi-dimensional guard that can fill the box score.  One of the late blooming sleepers in Illinois, he’s one to watch closely this high school season because he looks primed to have a big one