With players from all across the Midwest, it was an impressive showing for the 2021 class at the NY2LA Futures Camp. Here are some of the standouts for the 2021 players. 

Grant Asman – F – 6’10” - Kimberly (WI)
The 6’10” lengthy forward has continued to show off his skills. Asman moves well with the ball and has good quickness for his size to get by defenders with ease off the dribble. Good rim protector that was blocking and altering all shots around him inside. 

Isaiah Davis – G – 6’4” - Minnehaha Academy (WI)
Tough and athletic guard that was relentlessly attacking the basket. Was able to overpower defenders to get into the paint often and finish there. Showed a good ability to defend both guards and wings well with his size and mobility. 

Donald McHenry – PG – 6’1” - Milwaukee Academy of Science (WI)
The point guard was shooting the ball at a high percentage from three off the dribble and catch. McHenry showed off good quickness and handle to get himself plenty of paint touches and kick it back out for open looks often.  

Preston Ruedinger – G – 6’3” - Emmeline Cook (WI)
The senior guard had one of the more impressive showings. All day he was shooting the ball at a high rate from three off the dribble and catch. He also does a nice job of the dribble getting into the defense to create for teammates as well as himself. He showed off a good ability to score the ball at a high rate but also has good point guard skils. 

Dre’ Scott – F – 6’5” - Pickneyville (IL)
Very tough and active 6’5” wing forward that got it done on both ends. Good versatile defender getting all over players on the perimeter but can also play big in the paint and one of the better rebounders there. Was able to score the ball at a high rate, especially around the paint. 

Brennan Weller – G – 6’6" - Edwardsville (IL)
The 6’5” wing guard did a great job getting to the basket and using his length to finish around the hoop. Strong finisher through contact who converted on multiple and one plays. Added some points too with a good-looking jumper from three. 

Hakim Williams – PG – 6’3" - Round Lake (IL)
A tough point guard with a nice all-around game. At his best attacking the basket with his great vision and passing skills, but also able to finish around the paint himself. As well, Williams plays tough on ball perimeter defense and rebounds well. A true stat stuffer that does a bit of everything on the floor. 

Cole Wesley – SG – 6’5” - Marquette University HS (WI)
Wesley is a long and bouncy wing guard with a good offensive game. Did the bulk of his scoring from beyond the arc with a good-looking jump shot hitting them in bunches. As well he played with a good motor throughout the event. 

Devin Womack – PG – 6’3” - Ann Arbor Huron (MI)
Womack is a skilled playmaker with the ball in his hands. He showed off a great ability to see the court and know where to go with the ball. As well he has a good jumper, knocking down a few threes. He also impacted the game with his tough on ball defense ability.