This big and skilled group of 2022’s came to play and many impressed when going up against the loaded 2021 class. Here are the ones that made the biggest impact and stood out the most. 

Steven Clay – G/F – 6’5”
The lanky wing had one of the more impressive showings at the combine putting up a remarkable 36 points in a single game. At his best gliding to the rim with his long strides but can do much more. In addition to scoring the majority of his points off the dribble, is also a threat to beat defenders from beyond the perimeter. On the other end Clay is a tough perimeter defender with his quickness and length. 

Learic Davis – PG – 6’7”
An electric 6’7’ lead guard with bounce, feel, and instincts, Davis rolled his ankle in the second game but prior to that he displayed all of his upside and potential in a number of ways.  An elite national talent on the rise, Davis has blue chip potential in the 2022 class.  

Danilo Jovanovich – G/F – 6’7”
Even at 6’7” Jovanovich flashed good perimeter skills throughout the day. He has a very good mid-range game where he does much of his damage. Tough matchup with his size and ability. Played with good energy all day and was able to get plenty of done on both ends for his team. 

Logan Landers – F/C – 6’10”
Even at 6’10” with a strong build, Landers has a good skill set. He scored the ball well in a variety of ways during the day including spotting up from three, posting up and driving to the hoop. 

John Lovelace Jr. – F – 6’7”
Lovelace was one of the more impressive juniors in attendance showing plenty of skill throughout the day. He was at his best off the dribble, getting to the basket very often and did a great job finishing when he got there. Additionally, the long forward was able to add some baskets from the mid-range and three. 

Jackson Paveletzke – G – 6’2”
Skilled shot maker that was hitting them in bunches. He has great shooting range hitting some shots from a few steps beyond the arc. He did a good job of not forcing his shot and did a nice job of playing off the dribble to distribute the ball as well. The junior showed a good passing ability when heading to the basket. 

Andrew Rohde – SG – 6’5”
A sharpshooting guard with a high ceiling, Rohde absolutely took over the game at times with a textbook perimeter stroke and range that extended well beyond the arc.  Beyond that he showed solid activity defensively and his ability to score off the bounce has improved as well.  

Donavan Short – F/C – 6’10”
A 6’10” big man with a good frame. During the day, Short some good abilities handling the ball, hitting some shots off the dribble, scoring it around the rim, and making some good passes. Also, he is a strong rebounder in traffic. 

Seth Trimble – PG – 6’2”
Trimble is a highly explosive point guard that is incredibly good with the ball in his hands. He did a great job of getting into the paint and mid-range and scoring from there. He got to the basket often off drives and cuts and was finishing them all strong at the rim. As well Trimble was playing tough perimeter defense forcing turnovers and disrupting offenses.