This talented group of seniors came to play and put on a show at the Phenom University Combine. Throughout four games during the afternoon, this group kept up a high level of play until the end for highly competitive games. 

Grant Asman – F – 6’10”
Even at 6’10”, Asman has a great amount of talent with his ability to hit jumpers, put the ball on the floor, and passes well for a big man. Plays even bigger with his great length and was grabbing all boards near him throughout the event. Asman played tough to score several baskets inside on put backs or backing down opponents. 

Amar Augillard – G/F – 6’5”
Augillard had an impressive day doing a bit of everything playing with good energy. While he did a good deal of scoring when attacking the basket hard, he is a versatile scorer who put up points as well from three, on put backs, in addition to posting up. He is tough to defend with all of his abilities and can just use his strength to overpower defenders. 

Selle Dime – F – 6’8”
Dime is an intriguing big man with his great length to have some good upside. He ran the floor to get some easy buckets in the open floor in addition to showing soft touch with a baby hook. In addition to showing a growing ability to get to the basket a couple of times off the dribble. 

Tyrese Hunter – PG – 6’1”
The Iowa State commit was unselfish throughout the day often setting up his teammates for easy buckets. He is highly elusive and quick with the ball allowing himself to often get inside the defense and dish it out or finish strong at the rim. 

Sam Hytinen – SG – 6’5”
Throughout his four games, Hytinen was always involved and made his presence felt during the combine. He scored the ball at a high percentage of his touches either taking it hard to the basket and finishing strong or spotting up from three.  

Kobe Johnson – G – 6’5”
The long guard scored the ball at a high level getting it done both attacking the basket and shooting it from deep. The USC commit was tough to defend off the dribble as he got plenty of paint touches in addition to pulling up to hit shots from all over. A versatile player that gets a lot done, Johnson contributed in the rebounds and assists columns greatly in addition to his scoring. 

Donald McHenry – PG – 6’1”
McHenry impressed during the combine scoring the ball at a high rate. He did it both attacking the basket as well shooting the three as defenders struggled sticking with him. Showed off shifty moves to beat his defender often and create his own shot or get all the way to the hoop. 

Ben Nau – G – 6’3” 
The talented scorer did the most of his damage with his passing ability. Nau has good handle plus quickness with the basketball to get wherever he wants to on the court. While drawing so much attention from the defense he did a great job of always scanning the floor to create for others. He also scored the ball himself shooting it at a high percentage from three as he does a good job creating his own shot. 

Brandin Podziemski – G/F – 6’6”
Podziemski arguably had the most impressive day of the combine as he was able to light up the scoreboard. Over the course of the four games, the wing averaged 23.5 points while shooting a highly impressive 64 percent. He was on fire all day from three shooting it off the catch and dribble but was also able to get to the basket a fair amount. As well he continued to battle all day to play tough defense all over the court. 

Nolan Rieder – F/C – 6’9”
Reider had an impressive breakout performance during the entirety of the combine. He scored the ball well in a variety of ways to put up double digit points in three of the four games. He got it done posting up, running the floor in the transition game all day, and driving to the basket. Even with his solid frame, he looked comfortable off the dribble, and hit a couple jumpers pulling up in the mid-range.