In the final session of the Grassroots Challenge, here are the players from the 16U that stood out the most and had big time weekends. 

CJ Campbell – Wisconsin Playmakers – G
Campbell had one of the more impressive halves of basketball trying to lead a monstrous comeback. The active 6’5” wing guard was able to score the ball in bunches and just could not be stopped at times. He was able to score it big both attacking the basket and with the three. With his long strides, he was able to get to the basket and finished. As well to hitting several threes at a high percentage including a couple of them from well beyond the arc. 

Jalen Charity – UTS Elite – F
Charity continued to have himself another good showing. The 6’5” wing is at his best off the dribble going to the basket. Gets to the basket in hurry with good acceleration and gets up to finish at the rim. While he stood out the most with his ability to get to the basket, Charity also contributed in a number of ways including his versatile defensive ability and rebounding well. 

Connor Essegian – Focus Premier – G
The 6’4” guard continues to force his way onto this list with his great scoring ability. He is able to get to the basket as well as knock down jumpers both at such a high level. Very tough to defend with the ball with his ability of the dribble to get to the basket and quickly rise up with good lift to hit shots. Shoots it at a high percentage from deep and finishes strong around the rim. 

Kenneth Garth – World Hoops Elite – G
Skilled scorer that beat defenders in a number of ways to put up some big point totals in multiple games. The long guard scores it so well especially heading to the basket as well as shooting it from three. Garth proved to be very tricky to stick with and has a good ability to create his own shot. 

Danilo Jovanovich – TH 2022 – G/F
The 6’7” wing showed an advanced and versatile skill set this past weekend.  An exceptional scoring threat on the block, Jovanovich knocked down a couple trey balls, scored off the bounce at the rim, and finished in transition while scoring around the basket with consistency.  Constantly active on both ends, Jovanovich is a multi-dimensional talent that can impact the game in a variety of ways.

Nick Martinelli – Fundamental U – G/F
Martinelli had one of the more impressive scoring displays of anyone in the tournament. He is a pure scorer with good size at 6’6”. The junior just could not be stopped from getting to the basket to do the bulk of his scoring but was able to get it done in a number of ways. He also seemed to be in the right place around the basket to score as well to hitting a few threes. 

Ben Olson – Wisconsin Swing Litscher – G/F
Early on in a game Olson was scoring the ball well around the paint, but as the game went on he showed more and more ability to score the ball in a variety of ways including pulling up in the mid-range and spotting up from three to hit shots. While the wing contributed the most as a versatile scorer, the highly active player did a number of things to contribute. 

Greyson Pritzl - Wisconsin RAP – G
Pritzl continued to be one of the more impressive players at the 16U level this past weekend. Skilled 6’4” guard that gets so much done on the floor and knows how to play. He has such a good-looking jump shot from three but also impressed with his ability attacking. Was able to get to the basket a fair amount to score in addition to having very good vision passing on his drives.

Brady Ruggles – Mercury Elite – G
Ruggles put on a shooting display hitting threes in bunches. The wing guard has good size at 6’5” to hit his shots right over defenders. While the bulk of his scoring came from deep, he also showed some decent moves off the dribble to get to the basket. Was one of the more impressive shooters at session three.

Seth Trimble – TH 2022 – G
Over the three sessions, Trimble has continued to show that he is one of the top juniors in the Midwest. The electric point guard is incredibly tough to defend with the ball as he can score it from all three levels in addition to creating for others. As well he is very quick with the ball in his hands in addition to rarely turning it over.