All five of these players from the 16U level did something to truly standout amongst a talented group of players. 

Marieon Anderson – Midwest Prospect Academy – G
A lanky 6’4” wing guard that greatly impressed with his defensive ability. One of the top perimeter defenders that showed lockdown ability. He puts good pressure on the ball with his length and quickness to give ball handlers plenty of issues and disrupt offenses at all times. 

Nathan Boldt – Fundamental U – F
A big and long 6’8” forward that showed good promise. Boldt plays with a good motor plus has some agility. Versatile forward that got a good amount done in the paint on both ends scoring inside and protecting the rim. 

Amari Jedkins – TH 2022 – F
A 6’7” athletic forward, Jedkins energy and athleticism is impressive every time he hits the floor.  Defensively he’s got excellent activity and his ability to rebound, run the floor, and finish in transition is advanced and impressive.  He’s trending upward with each passing game.  

Ryan Renfro – Mercury Elite – F
A 6’7” power forward that did a good job scoring around the paint. Has a good size frame plus some strength paired with quality moves with his back to the basket. While he did the bulk of scoring in the paint, Renfro scored it spotting up from three as well. Solid defender inside who also rebounded the ball well, especially on the defensive end. 

Jordan Streeter – Illinois Jaguars – F
Streeter was one of the better driving wings in the tournament at the 16U level for his size. Even at 6’6” Streeter was doing a fantastic job of beating his man off the dribble to get to the rim often. He also did a nice job of defending the paint altering shots and deterring drivers.  Streeter has been having a breakout summer and continues to impress with all of his abilities.