The 16U field of the Grassroots Showdown continues to impress with plenty of highly impressive prospects for all levels of colleges. Here are some of the players that had the biggest performances over the two days of session two. 

Jeremiah Beard – Chapman Basketball – G
Talented and athletic two-way point guard. A very good on-ball pressure defender that was able to get all over ball handlers forcing plenty of turnovers. Beard really impressed with his driving ability too. He has good quickness as well as some nice moves going to the hoop to get there often and create. 

Zachary Cleveland – Midwest Prospect Academy – F
Cleveland is a very tough matchup that is a versatile and high percentage scorer. He is an active 6’7” forward that got it done in so many ways including posting up, perimeter shooting, going to the basket, and pulling up in the mid-range. The tough matchup was able to take over the game at times and just could not be stopped to have one of the more impressive showings of the event. 

Cooper Craggs – REACH Legends – F
A 6’8” power forward with good strength that is a force in the paint. Craggs scored the ball very well inside on the block. He has a good ability to finish over either shoulder in the post and was able to score over or through defenders. With his size and mobility, he protected the paint well blocking a few shots and altering many more. 

Bobby Durkin – ET21 Buckeyes – G
Wing guard with some size at 6’5” that has a talented all-around game. Has a good-looking jumper spotting up from three but also has a good ability to attack the basket and finish around the rim. Stat stuffing guard who added in plenty of rebounds and assists to his big point totals. Has good feel for the game and knows how to play. 

Connor Essegian – Focus Premier – G
Essegian is an incredibly talented guard that scores the ball so well. The 6’4” guard is able to shoot the three and drive to the basket both at a high level. In multiple games during the second session he scored the ball in bunches to prove he was one of the top scorers there. Smooth shooter that gets his shot off with his size and is a crafty finisher at the basket. 

Joah Filardo – Wisconsin Swing Bresden – G
The junior guard was looking like one of the top shooters in the area hitting five threes in a single game. He has a great looking jump shot that he was hitting from well beyond the arc. While the bulk of his scoring came from beyond the arc, Filardo also showed a good ability to get into the mid-range and hit shots off the dribble from there. 

Ashton Janowski – JH1 Elite – G
Talented point guard that greatly impressed in multiple games. At his best attacking the defense as he can both score and distribute the ball when driving. He showed a good ability to create his own shot in the mid-range and knock them down. Janowski proved to be a good shooter off the dribble. Strong with the ball in his hands and is a good decision maker. 

Greyson Pritzl – Wisconsin RAP – G
Pritzl is a 6’4” guard that was scoring the ball at a high level the whole tournament. Skilled versatile scorer that can get it done from all three levels and just could not be stopped even while drawing plenty of attention. He moves well with the basketball, finishes nicely around the basket, plus showed a very good passing ability. 

Seth Trimble – TH 2022 – G
Dynamic playmaking point guard that excelled on both ends of the court for the second week in a row. Such an incredibly dynamic player off the dribble. Great quickness to penetrate the defense often and distribute as well as score at the rim or in the mid-range. Tough on-ball pressure defender that is very tough to beat. 

Paxton Warden – Mercury Elite – G
The 6’3” guard did a great job of going to the basket. He has good handle plus is quick to the basket to get there often and finish well. In addition to scoring the ball at a high rate on his drives, Warden also showed a very good passing ability and vision, especially when on the move.