We continue our look back at the 2017 Generation Next Basketball Top 40 Camp today with a glance at the wing or combo forwards that were in attendance on Saturday.  It was a loaded group of quality talent and many impressed in big fashion throughout the day.

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Note – Listed in Alphabetical Order

Amar Augillard – 2021 – Zion, Illinois
A powerfully athletic wing with the ability to play on the perimeter and score on the blocks, Aguillard is a matchup nightmare for opposing teams because he can elevate, he can post up smaller defenders, he can hit the perimeter shot from beyond the arc, and he can blow by bigger defenders.  At his best he’s a max effort high impact floor talent that can score, defend, and slide into the alpha position during the course of the game.  An exciting young wing with upside, Aguillard should be a high level impact talent in high school and he should collect a lot of collegiate attention as he continues to grow and develop.

Patrick Baldwin Jr. – 2021 – Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin
A highly advanced skilled forward with the ability to score from all levels, Baldwin has excellent long physical tools to pair with solid instincts and highly advanced skills.  He’s a plus length talent with the ability to deliver on the perimeter and around the basket and he’s far from a finished product physically.  A soft blend of Jabari Parker and Kevon Looney at the same stage, Baldwin is a high character young man who can fit into any system.  He excels facing the basket and at this stage is ability to square up and knock down the perimeter jumper is further advanced that his breakdown game but he has the ladder in a raw sense at the early stages.  Love the entire package he can bring to the table and with continued development physically and skill wise along with staying active and aggressive Baldwin has the chance to be special in the realest sense of the game.  Named Mr. Versatility this past weekend after a solid day of work in the gym.  High Major High Upside High Impact High Ceiling type talent.  

Chase Carter – 2022 – Brooklyn Park, Minnesota
A young forward with a skill package that allows him to hit the perimeter shot and score at the mid-range level, Carter is far from a finished product physically or skill wise and his best years obviously lie ahead.  He has some nice instincts, an ability to finish when open, and a decent feel for the game.  Quickness, athleticism, ball handling, etc. are still raw and physically he will grow and development on the back end of high school.  He competed and worked hard this past weekend and by the end of the day he was better than he was at the beginning as he made some solid plays down the stretch of games and hit the open jumper when the opportunity presented itself.

Jeremiah Dotson – 2021 – Brown Deer, Wisconsin
An intriguing young talent who quietly continues to develop, Dotson is a versatile talent who can find success at the 2, 3, 4, or 5 depending on the matchup and the flow of the game.  Still raw in some areas, Dotson has size, length, skill, and instincts for a young wing forward and he’s fairly advanced in all areas.  He can finish at multiple levels and defensively he can match up with multiple positions.  Still raw in terms of his lower half explosion and development, Dotson has a high upside and his best years lie ahead of him.  Look for him to really start to assert himself with continued growth and development during the middle of his high school years.  Really like his upside.

Michael Foster – 2021 – Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Time will tell if he gets to where he can get to but at this stage Foster is arguably the most advanced we’ve had at this stage of the game on a number of levels.  Physically and athletically he’s advanced and can play above the rim and finish above the rim, skill wise when squared up he has an excellent perimeter stroke with range that extends beyond the arc and at the mid-range level, etc.  When active and engaged, Foster takes the alpha role on the court and pretty much does what he wants whether it be rebounding, scoring, defending, etc.  A potentially special talent, Foster is far from a finished product and as his entire package develops physically, skill, and court awareness wise there is a tremendously high ceiling.  He was exceptional at times and captured the Co-MVP honors along with Ben Nau after a high caliber performance on Saturday.  

Gregory Galloway – 2022 – Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
A talented young forward with some nice instincts, Galloway had to figure out the speed of the game a bit early competing against some of the older kids but he was able to deliver some solid efforts as the day moved along.  He’s skilled, can finish at multiple levels, and he has an instinctive feel of attacking the basket and looking to score.  His footwork is advanced, his feel is advanced, and he can finish at multiple levels.  Still raw and developing, Galloway was impressive in flashes on Saturday and big picture wise he has a nice ceiling with continued grown and development in all areas.  Like his potential.

David Joplin – 2021 – Brookfield, Wisconsin
A highly skilled advanced young forward with the ability to take over the game when active and engaged, Joplin can score at every level but he excels more at the mid-range level, around the basket, and in transition.  He can slide between the 3, 4, and 5 but his long term projection is at the 3 for him to reach his fullest potential.  At his best he’s a difficult cover and it really comes when he elevates his activity and assertiveness on the court.  In that role he cleans the glass, pushes the tempo, fills the lane, and takes over the game on both ends.  Still raw in some areas, Joplin’s best years lie ahead and as he develops the future and his ceiling is very high.  

Amir Madyun – 2021 – Ramsey, Minnesota
An active slashing wing with the ability to get to the rim and get to the free throw line, Maydun is an attack first wing who’s most comfortable in transition and attacking the rim off the bounce.  He can stroke the perimeter shot and clean the glass and his athleticism and strength make for an intriguing defensive prospect potentially.  Still developing across the board, Maydun with added size and continued development skill wise should be fun to watch during his high school career.

Cameron Palesse – 2021 – Waukesha, Wisconsin
A skilled wing who can slide into multiple positions on the floor offensively and defensively with success, Palesse is far from a finished product at any level making for a highly intriguing prospect.  His range extends beyond the arc, he can finish at the mid-range level, he scores around the basket, he’s coachable, and he’s only getting better.  He has some versatility to him but as he adds more strength, quickness, and explosion along with size that versatility and matchup problem type stuff should elevate substantially.  Would like to see him be more assertive and aggressive on both ends but with added size should come more dominance resulting in more confidence and added aggressiveness.  Still early in the process, Palesse is a player to watch closely as he looks and feels the part of a high impact high school talent who can break out at any time.  A high ceiling talent.

Tommie Williams II – 2021 – Belleville, Illinois
This young forward has continued to develop the past few months and every time you see him he gives you a little more than he did before.  His activity around the basket is impressive, his aggressiveness is equally solid, and he has some nice skill and footwork at the mid-range level and closer to the rim as well.  His range can extend beyond the arc but right now his comfort zone is 15 feet and in while also showing nice versatility in half court sets and solid athleticism in transition.  Like his potential, like his upside, and like the fact that he is a high caliber floor impact contributor across the board.  As he grows and develops look for his impact to do the same so his best basketball lies ahead and he has a nice ceiling that should open a lot of eyes big picture wise.