As young prospects go some jump out of the gate early while others quietly continue to develop and grow.  Regardless of what lane they develop in the ultimate key is the end game in terms of where they are as prospects come their senior year in high school with the development hopefully giving them an opportunity to continue to play at the highest level at minimal or no cost to them or their family.  Unfortunately for some early hype generally doesn’t result in end game legitimacy basketball wise but for others minimal early hype is replaced by legitimate substance on the hardwood as they continue to grow and develop.  A perfect example of the latter is 2019 SF Xzavier Jones of Greendale Martin Luther in Wisconsin.

Long regarded in the state as one of the premier 2019 prospects to watch, Jones didn’t jump out of the gate early but year after year he continued to grow and improve and he finds himself heading into his sophomore year ready to take that next step as he continues to look and feel the part of a mid to potential high major Division 1 prospect when it’s all said and done.  

Equipped with a long 6-5 175 pound plus frame, Jones opened our eyes on multiple occasions during his late middle school years as his physical tools and skill set continued to grow along with his on court production.  Athletically he has nice bounce and agility while instinct wise he’s shown a solid feel for the game on both ends of the court.  He can collect rebounds when active and defensively he has some potential versatility due to his athleticism, length, and agility making for a very intriguing defensive prospect long term if he continues to develop.  Offensively he can score at each level but is more comfortable facing up to the basket where he can attack and finish off the bounce through traffic or slash to the rim in transition for easy baskets.  His jumper at the mid-range level is solid and improving and he’s also shown the ability to knock down the trey ball as well.  After a solid high school campaign as a freshman, Jones delivered a quality spring and summer campaign and he looks primed to take the next step during the upcoming high school season.

While the focus at this point is primarily on 2017 and even 2018 kids, the 2019 class in the Midwest continues to see more and more prospects elevating their play and opening lots of eyes in the process.  Jones is one such talent that is a legitimate Division 1 talent long term and you can expect to hear a lot about him over the next 24-26 months as he’s an intriguing and developing talent on the hardwood and a quality young man off the court in the same sense.  He plays with the Playground Elite program during the grassroots travel season.