Constantly developing and working hard to improve different areas of one’s game is essential to becoming an elite player. 2019 PG Matt Brown of Kenosha, Wisconsin, is the kind of competitor that will not settle for second best and is always looking for ways to elevate his performance on the hardwood. With his work ethic, athleticism and skills Matt Brown is playing at a very high level right now and helped WI United to a solid showing in the Milwaukee session of the GNBA.

Currently at 5-10 and growing, Brown has good size for the point spot and has a good frame to develop strength to as he gets older. He has outstanding quickness and moves around the court naturally, often making plays with his athleticism that he makes look easy. With his athleticism, Brown also has a very good skill-set that he keeps sharpening and adding to with new elements.

The slick young guard is always looking for ways to help his team be successful or get wins on the court. More of a scoring point guard, Brown has an eye for the basket and when he gets going he is extremely difficult for defenses to halt trying to matchup. He has good burst, good handles that he uses to get north and south in a hurry while utilizing hesitations, inside out crossovers and more to blow by defenders and open himself up for looks at the rim. While he can sometimes move too fast for even himself, he seems to have gotten his balance worked out better and uses that control on the attack more to take contact and still get good shots up at the hoop.

On the shot, Brown is getting good lift with his jumper and is able to step way outside to scorch the nets from three-point range without hesitation. Again, when he gets a feel or a hot hand shooting the ball, there is not much a defense can do to slow down Brown. In Milwaukee during Session 4, Brown had a couple really big games including a 29-point offensive onslaught where he controlled the game from start to finish.

Defensively, Brown can also be a difference maker. With his quick feet and his quick hands, Brown is a pretty tough on-ball defender, but is perhaps even better off the ball where he can read and then pop into passing lanes and turn the steal into a fast-break lay-up in the blink of an eye.

Also, a major area Brown focused on improving recently has been crashing the boards with his team, and he certainly did that this weekend, even earning himself a double-double in that 29-point game with 11 rebounds. 

Matt Brown is undoubtedly one of the top prospects coming through the 2019 class in the Midwest, and as he continues to elevate and hone his game more and more, the sky will be the limit for the hard-working young guard. He averaged 18.5 points, 5.5 rebounds, 2.5 steals and 1.2 assists per game playing with WI United.