2019 point guard Julian Dozier of the REACH Legends is barely over 5-foot mark, but he played like a giant in the first weekend of GNBA play. Here is more on the pint-sized guard.

Dozier had a fantastic start to Generation Next Basketball Association play. Through the first four games of action, he averaged over 14 points per game. Dozier shot a fantastic 14 of 26 from behind the arc in Waukegan, Illinois. He has a pure shooting stroke along with deep range. His stature has no ill-effects on his outside shot.

The Michigan product has great quickness. He uses that physical trait to create for his teammates off the dribble. He is also able to get into passing lanes because of his quickness advantage. He averaged two steals per game in the first weekend of GNBA play. He also dished out 2.5 assists per contest.

A fact that makes Dozier's play even more impressive is that he was playing up a year. Dozier is a 2019 prospect and he played the weekend with the 2018 age group. Playing against older opponents without a height or strength advantage is a very difficult task. Dozier did not just fit in, he excelled despite the physical disadvantages.

The highlight of Dozier's weekend was when he led a comeback against a talented Wisconsin United team. The REACH Legends found themselves down 12 points in the second half, but then Dozier took over the game. In just three minutes, Dozier hit a trio of three-pointers and handed out two assists to help REACH tie the game up. He finished the game with 14 points, 5 assists and 3 steals. REACH wound up losing to Wisconsin United on a last second three by Tyler Herro.

Julian Dozier will be a player to follow over the next few years. His feel for the game and shooting ability will allow his game to expand easily. His game will also improve as he physically grows. For right now, Dozier is an entertaining player that can change the game in a matter of moments like he displayed in the opening weekend of Generation Next Basketball Association play.