2018 prospect Ethan Henderson of Little Rock, Arkansas was one of the top players at the first weekend of GNBA action. Henderson is already 6-foot-7, and has a world of potential. Here is a look at Henderson and his upside...

Arkansas Hawks power forward/center Ethan Henderson stands above the crowd at 6-7. His Hawks head coach Kevin Howard believes Henderson might grow to be 6-9 or 6-10 before he is done. It's not just Henderson's size that makes him a good player and a great college prospect at this early stage. He is also skilled and athletic.

There are not many eighth graders over 6-foot-7, and it is very rare that those kids are fluid athletes. “He can guard any point guard around the country because he's so fast,” said Kevin Howard. Most tall kids at his age are just trying to make it down the floor while Henderson is leading the pack up and down the court. He has kept his coordination despite growing three to four inches each of the last two years according to coach Howard.

Feet and hands are key to post player success. Henderson aces both tests. “He has big hands. You can throw him a rocket and he's going to catch it,” commented coach Howard. Henderson uses those hands to attack rebounds all over the court. He also had enough coordination to get into a passing lane for a steal. He finished the play by beating everyone down the court for a fast break dunk...a powerful dunk.

The thing that takes Ethan Henderson to a different level as a prospect is that fact that he finishes well and has the ability to hit jump shots to 15 feet. He has a soft touch in the paint. Henderson does a great job of keeping the ball high on put-back attempts and converts them efficiency. His shooting mechanics are smooth on his mid-range jumper.

Like any young player, Henderson isn't a finished product yet. “One thing we have to do with Ethan is to get him stronger physically,” said the Arkansas Hawks coach. He will be tough to stop once he adds muscle to his athletic frame. “He kind of has that Anthony Davis frame,” said Kevin Howard.

Colleges are starting to take notice of the middle schooler, but he hasn't tapped 1% of his potential yet. “He's getting to the point where he wants to be a gym rat,” noted coach Howard. That is great news for Henderson reaching his potential, and very bad news for future opponents.