2018 talent Reggie Perry is hard to miss when he takes the floor for the Arkansas Hawks. The 6-foot-7 eighth grader looks like a college player rather than a middle schooler during warm-ups. Here is more on the talented player from Little Rock, Arkansas...

Reggie Perry may catch your eye with his size. He has some muscle to his frame already as well. He's not just a tall middle school kid though.  Perry matches his size with an advanced skill set. He handles the ball as well as a guard. Perry reminds me of Trey Lyles (Indianapolis Arsenal Tech H.S.) at the same age. Both were head and shoulders above their peers in terms of size and skills. Perry likely isn't done growing either. “He's probably going to be about 6-9. He wears size 16 shoes,” said Arkansas Hawks coach Kevin Howard.

The versatilty of Perry's game stands out immensely. He can bring the ball up the court. He rebounds well. He finishes in the lane well with the ability to make above the rim plays. Perry is also a good shooter from the outside. That can be attributed to the fact that he had guard skills before he hit his growth spurt. “He hit a growth spurt where he woke up one day and was 6-3 then soon after he was 6-5, then 6-7. He has been playing the guard position for a while,” said Howard.

Perry's father was a long-time college coach. That plays a role into his high basketball IQ. “He talks well on the court; he knows the game,” raves coach Howard. 

Reggie Perry averaged nearly 11 points and 4 rebounds per game during the first weekend of the GNBA in Waukegan, Illinois. The Arkansas Hawks went 4-0 on the weekend.

Perry's coach Kevin Howard is impressed with his worth ethic. “He stays with me in the summer, and he works really, really hard. He's getting that work ethic where he wants to stay in the gym, so he wants to get better.” Staying hungry for improvement is always a key for a player reaching his potential. In Perry's case, that upside is extremely high. “Two kids I know have a great opportunity to be pros are Reggie Perry and Ethan Henderson,” stated Kevin Howard.