The future for hoops always gets started with the next wave of players looking to better themselves on and off the court while managing to produce effectively in games. The current 8th grade class is already promising to be a talented collection of young hoopers and  ET12 Buckeyes’ 2018 SF John Young of Bellwood/Chicago, Illinois, is certainly one for basketball fans to keep an eye on in the coming months. Young combines size with power and a good set of skills to contribute at a high level for his team(s) and has the determination to continue elevating his game.
Young is a 6-2 small forward who often performs on the court more like a power forward or a stretch 4. At about 170-pounds, Young packs a punch on the court with excellent strength for his age while not sacrificing his ability to move and run. He shows good athleticism which is what allows him to play on the wing, though his skill set is more suited to playing around the blocks more right now.
Offensively, this 2018 prospect is a talented player from about 15-feet and in scoring-wise. Young is fine on the perimeter as well where he can use his athleticism to cut and slash against over-aggressive defenders, but he really excels inside where he can use his strength and leaping ability.
When slashing, he uses his power well to fight through traffic which often lands him to the free throw line, but typically it is for ‘and-1’ situations as he does well finishing through contact. Down low, Young can catch around the block and either face and score, or does really well dropping to his strong hand and finishing at the basket when the matchup allows.
Young though, might be best when he is running the floor on fast-breaks. In the open court, Young is excellent sprinting the floor and then finishing the break off with buckets going hard to the hoop.
The 6-2 forward is an exceptional rebounder already, both offensively and defensively. He uses his strength and athleticism very well on the glass, but it is his ability to position himself appropriately that really helps him control the boards in games. The rest of his defense is also pretty strong.
John Young looks to have a lot of potential to work with for the ET12 Buckeyes and the high school team he ends up at next year as well. Young has a good skill set to develop with and has some excellent physical tools to keep him productive while he elevates those skills more. This should be a fun travel season for Young and his teammates.