In the Midwest, the Meanstreets grassroots team is known for helping to develop some of the top young talent in the region, and one basketball coming up through their program is skilled 2018 SF Joffari Brown from Chicago, Illinois. Brown has shown excellent natural skills along with a tough basketball attitude and competitive spirit in various tournaments which have made him a prospect to keep an eye on moving into the upcoming travel season.

Brown had an outstanding showing at the NY2LA Sports 2013 Generation Next Tip-Off where he took home MVP honors and helped lead his team to the 14U championship title. At 6-2 and 165-pounds to his frame, Brown has excellent overall size to combine with strength and athleticism. Playing against wings and guards often, Brown uses that power and his explosiveness to his advantage often.

Offensively, the 6-2 small forward is a monster in transition. He gets up the floor quickly and finishes well going to the hoop. He can find gaps and punch through them with his strength, but also has some slipperiness to him to slice and penetrate off the dribble. Right now his game is mostly predicated on getting to the rack for scores but has also showed he can pull up for the mid-range jumper and knock down tear-drop floaters as well.

The next evolution of Brown’s game will be improving his ability to knock down perimeter shots on a consistent basis and force defenses to have to come out and play him on the three-point line, which will make his drive that much more potent.

Defensively, Brown has pulled it together well, as his strength is a major strength of his. Because of his frame and athletic abilities, Brown is able to matchup with wings, but can  also muscle it up down around the paint if needed. He rebounds well, but is maybe more so quick with his hands getting to the ball and turning defense into fast breaks.

Brown is a talented player with a wide set of skills already. He has a lot of potential as he keeps honing those skills and making himself into the versatile player his skill-set will provide him to be. Meanstreets will be a tough out in many of this spring’s and summer’s events with Joffari Brown’s leadership and competitiveness in play.