Building up to what should be an exciting “offseason” of basketball with young cagers from all over coming traveling to different tournaments and making names for themselves, it would be tough not to notice promising 2018 F/C Ethan Henderson out of Little Rock, Arkansas. Expected to play on the circuit with the Arkansas Hawks, Henderson has continuously improved his game each year, adding elements to his repertoire that will benefit him moving forward.
Henderson is already stretched out to a good 6-6 or so and though sleek, he is gradually adding weight and playing stronger on the interior regardless. His length and good athletic ability help overcome the overall strength issue right now and again will make him even more difficult to hold down inside as he puts more muscle and bulk to his frame.
Skill-wise, Henderson has improved immensely in his overall game, but he really excels with his work around the post. The wiry 2018 prospect has great footwork inside which allows him to maneuver past and around post defenders more easily and help his effectiveness with his post moves as they develop. As he keeps working with his back to the basket, Henderson does a nice job right now of catching on the block or baseline facing the basket and going over opponents to finish plays, which he does well at the basket.
Defense is really where Henderson hangs his hat at this time while the offensive skills keep improving. With his long arms and his height, Henderson is already an imposing figure to most opponents. Like on offense, Henderson does a nice job moving his feet inside and feeling out how to disrupt plays or timing up opportunities to block shots.
Henderson shows great instincts rebounding the ball as well where he goes to get it at the top instead of waiting for it to get low where he has less advantage. With his athleticism he gets the ball out quick and gets up the floor well also where he can get more chances to score on the move in transition.
Look for the Ethan Henderson to make a splash this spring and summer as he moves to display improved scoring capabilities on offense and continues being a dominant force on the defensive end and on the glass. Ethan Henderson has a high ceiling and will be exciting to see where he can take his game to as he ages.