Not far removed from the 2014 NY2LA Sports Holiday Hoopfest event in January, we look at a young basketball prospect who had an outstanding tournament and led his team into his bracket’s final four teams. The Iowa Barnstormers’ 2019 SF Patrick McCaffery of Iowa City, Iowa, has been steadily improving his game and is a player on the rise in the Midwest. 

McCaffery has the bloodline and experience around high level basketball, has great size at his age and position, and he has put together an excellent skill set to boot.  With his father coaching the Iowa men’s basketball team and an older brother playing at a high level in the high school ranks, Patrick McCaffery has been around a lot of top flight basketball and seen the way the game works. It is evident when watching McCaffery work on the floor that he understands the intricacies of the game well and has a sort of natural basketball IQ when playing.

A 6-1 wing at his age, McCaffery has a size advantage over many opponents and though still growing into his frame, he should be able to put on some bulk as he ages. Regardless, the talented small forward seems to know how to use his size well and is able to operate from multiple levels on the court and is effective on both ends.

McCaffery has a sweet shot already that he can extend well beyond the arc with good precision and efficiency. He spots up and has a pretty quick catch and release rate without sacrificing form which will help him transition well as he continues to grow, fill out and play against higher competition. Also, he does a nice job of using his shot fakes to then attack a seam and knock down mid-range jumpers or floaters with good accuracy.

The 2019 prospect has been a good leader on the floor on both offense and defense, showing he can be tough on the glass rebounding the basketball. He can also be effective defensively when he makes himself long with his wingspan, and when he is reading and anticipating cutters etc.

All in all, McCaffery is an intriguing prospect to watch moving forward because of his combination of size and shooting ability. With his length on the perimeter he is able to get good looks at the rim and his perimeter stroke continues to improve with each passing month.  As he builds strength and develops a better ability to attack in the paint regularly he will be even more dangerous and difficult to defend.

The talented young 7th grade standout is one to pay close attention to regionally and nationally as he has the pedigree, physical tools, and upside to become a very intriguing prospect in the coming years with continued hard work and development.