With a number of top high school players coming out of the Chicago area currently, another crop of talent looms in the younger grades. 2018 G Marquis Brown, from Burr Ridge, Illinois, is certainly a headliner of that class and shows promise of keeping the region prominent for years to come with his mix of the physical, natural competitiveness and skill aspects of the game already evident.

Brown has a great frame at his age, with a solid build that also has length, and as a 5-11 guard who looks to still be growing, Brown utilizes his size advantage over his opponents extremely well. On top of his size, Brown is also the ultimate competitor, looking to attack opponents at will and uses his talents to outcompete anyone in his path in order to help his teams succeed.

Skill-wise offensively, the 2018 prospect has developed his ball-handling well where he can rotate either guard spot but plays often as a 2-guard where he can catch and attack off the wing more. When off the ball he slashes well and uses his natural basketball IQ and his superior athleticism to find ways to get to the hoop where he does an excellent job finishing with quickness and strength.

With the ball in his hands bringing it up, Brown is good at finding open teammates and delivering strong passes where it needs to be. While he is good in the half-court, he excels in the open court with his explosiveness and speed where he can get to the rim to finish or drop off assists for teammates. He shows good decision-making in both sets (half-court or transition).

Defensively, Brown’s natural abilities take over and he uses his size, strength and athleticism to make plays on or off the ball. On ball, his length is a problem for most opposing guards, his speed and quickness closing passing lanes often leads to deflections or steals for him, and he has the ability to defend most players in the post when necessary.

Overall, Marquis Brown appears to have a very bright future coming up as he continues to work to elevate his game over time, developing consistent mid-range and perimeter shooting that will make him even more difficult to defend. Right now, his attack-mode mentality and athletic gifts have him as a premier player to watch in Illinois.

He plays with the Mac Irvin Fire grassroots program where you can see him competing against some of the top teams around the country in his age group.