The great thing about summer and our Generation Next All-Star Camp was the opportunity to see a few emerging basketball players at the younger levels that started to make a name for themselves as the camp wore on. One of those hoopers that continued to progress and get better each day at camp was 2018 PF Joe Wieskamp of Muscatine, IA.  

Physically right now, Wieskamp has a good frame, standing at 6-0, maybe stretching to 6-1 with long legs and long wingspan, both of which he uses well to make himself play bigger and faster than he appears at first glance. Those long strides helped Wieskamp run the floor very well going either way, breaking out for easy buckets offensively, or hustling back and making plays on defense in transition etc.

Pertaining to hustle, that is a major factor in Wieskamp’s productivity on the court and something that really helped him stand out at the couple events we saw him participate. Wieskamp is one of those “never-count-them-out” type of players who plays with 100% energy and does not take plays off on either end of the court.

Offensively, Wieskamp has a pretty wide skill-set as he proved throughout the camp that he can score inside by driving to the rack off the bounce or running the court, catching with good hands and being able to finish in traffic. However, he also displayed the ability to play from the wing and score with shots from the outside occasionally, but was really steady with the pull up mid-range jumper. His form will continue to develop with strength and repetitions which will help him improve his consistency and his overall range.

On the defensive end, Wieskamp showed a willingness to mix it up against opposing post players, again using his length and energy to his advantage to harass and disrupt comfortability for the person he defends. Likewise, because of his overall athleticism, he was able to step out and defend guards when called upon as well. On top of straight defense, the developing forward was excellent on the glass also.

Wieskamp is a very good young talent with a ton of upside. It will be fun to observe his progress as a player as he closes out middle school and jumps into the high school ranks next year. He plays for the Iowa Barnstormers program during the grassroots travel season.