Texas has produced some of the best high major prospects in the country over the last few years and that trend seems to be continuing with the younger classes in the region. 2018 PG Antoine Davis out of Houston, TX has been proving lately that he is a skilled and competitive hooper with a lot of promise and he continues to make his presence felt.

Davis is a 5-11 lead guard with the talent, instincts, and grit about him that should keep him in the national mix in the next few years.  He has good length to his frame and possesses excellent athleticism. Physically, while lean, the young point guard is able to withstand contact when he penetrates and attacks the rim.  The 8th grade standout from Texas uses a quick burst and first step to maneuver through traps with his slipperiness and excellent anticipation of what the defense is offering. As a playmaker his vision is very good too as he surveys the court well in transition and is constantly looking for ways to get points on the board by his own hands or a teammate’s.

Davis is a tough guard to stop in the open court. He has the ability to change direction with good control of the handle, his vision helps him to make some excellent passes and he is more than capable of stop-and-popping to knock down shots when available. In the half-court he can be just as dangerous, showing the ability to knock down outside shots with good range.  His mid-range is coming along and he can finish with either hand consistently going to the hoop.  

He’s also shown solid potential on the defensive end of the court.  His foot quickness helps him to stay in front of opponents and harass ball-handlers, but he also plays well off the ball, showing that he can read offenses and make plays in the help side as well. His communication, instincts, and court awareness also helps him on the defensive side of the floor as well.

Equipped with leadership, talent, instincts, athleticism, and skill, Davis is an excellent young talent who stands to generate a lot of attention in the coming years as he continues to grow and develop on and off the court.