The 2012 NY2LA Sports Invitational tips in the state of Wisconsin this weekend and the 16U division is set to feature a number of intriguing prospects and matchups once again.  Here’s a quick look at what the 7th installment of the annual hoops gala will feature at the 16U age group this weekend…


Some of the must see matchups for the 16U Division on Friday night:

Friday – 6:10 p.m. – Homestead H.S. – Milwaukee Rebels (WI) vs. B.G.C. Elite (WI)
The Milwaukee Rebels bring talented guard Brandon Key to this matchup as well as a solid up and coming cast of prospects including, but not limited to, the likes of talented Romeo Bouie and D’Angelo Jackson who both secured all-tournament selections at the Swish ‘N Dish Spring Warm-Up in April  Not to be outdone is talented sophomore Trevon Bunch, a long wiry forward who continues to evolve as one of the fast rising sophomores in the state of Wisconsin who joined Jackson and Bouie as all-tournament selections at the Spring Extravaganza in April.  B.G.C. Elite counters with talented shooting guard Jerrelle Deberry and sharpshooting perimeter talent Sean Clarey.  Mix in lockdown versatile wing Ayinde Starling, the always tough Jonathan Carson, as well as up and coming sophomore Joe Sherbune and this game will feature a laundry list of some of the top up and coming talent in the state of Wisconsin.  This matchup is a good one and should get some energy in the gym on both ends of the court.

Friday – 7:10 p.m. – Milwaukee Lutheran H.S. – Mid-America Elite (IL) vs. TP Elite (WI)
Mid-America Elite standout guard Larry Austin sets the table for the Mid-America Elite as the top 100 prospect nationally brings his highly regarded squad to the hardwood this weekend for a matchup with fast rising sharpshooter Matthew Williams and the TP Elite squad.  Austin can put the ball in the basket and set make things happen and raw interior talent Cody Belter, a near 7 foot prospect that will man the paint for a Mid-America squad that’s always a tough matchup in any tournament.  Williams leads the TP Elite attack and he has been brilliant so far this spring but long wing Jerrod Walton and talented guard Christopher Howell have done some damage as well.  This one is a nice one to check out on opening night.

Friday – 7:20 p.m. – Homestead H.S. – RAS (WI) vs. IBA Muscle Milk Select (IL)
This matchup will be loaded with talent.  RAS is having another solid spring with a chip already under their belt from the loaded Spring Extravaganza last month.  Consistently one of the premiere teams in the country for its class, the sharpshooting RAS squad is lead by talented sophomores Riley Lachance, Brady Ellingson, and Reed Timmer, a trio of guards that can absolutely blister opposing teams from anywhere on the court every time they take the floor.  The development of rising forward Devante Jackson has been a nice addition this year and RAS comes into the 2012 NY2LA Sports Invitational looking to take care of business once again.  Across from them on Friday night is another highly regarded bunch from IBA Muscle Milk Select which will feature a duo of big time young interior prospects in Sean O’Mara and Nick Czarnowski, a problem for anyone given their size and talent.  This should be an excellent contest on opening night at Homestead High School is one of the premiere pool play matchups of the weekend regardless of the age group as there are a host of Division 1 prospects set to take the court.

Friday – 9:40 p.m. – Homestead H.S. – Wisconsin Swing (WI) vs. Gateway Basketball (MO)
This should be a solid matchup as well as the Wisconsin Swing possesses the ability to play inside and outside and are always a well coached group.  Sharp shooting guard Jake Showalter is putting together a solid summer for himself and is expected back from an injury suffered in April while sophomores Evan Wesenberg and Jon Avercamp continue to play well and shore up the painted area for the Wisconsin Swing.  Gateway features a solid 16U group on their end led by the likes of sophomore Austin Gillmann, a near 7 footer who runs the floor, hits the mid-range jumper, and can finish in the paint with consistency.  Joining Gillman is explosive combo guard Trevor Clay, an athletic perimeter talent who can knock down the pull up jumper and explode to the rim and dunk when needed.  This one should be a really nice matchup on opening night at Homestead.

Some other 16U pool matchups of interest:
(Note – this is not an exclusive list)
Friday - 5:00 p.m. - Homestead H.S. - WI Blizzard Popp (WI) vs. Wisconsin Swish (WI)
Friday – 6:00 p.m. – Homestead H.S. – DTA Spartans (WI) vs. DW Wildcats (WI)
Friday – 6:00 p.m. – Milwaukee Lutheran – WI Playmakers (WI) vs. Team NLP
Friday – 8:20 p.m. – Milwaukee Lutheran – Peoria Irish (IL) vs. MN Select Wohler (MN)
Saturday – 9:10 a.m. – Homestead H.S. – RAS (WI) vs. Gateway Basketball (MO)
Saturday – 10:20 a.m. – Milwaukee Lutheran – Milwaukee Rebels (WI) vs. Illinois Attack (IL)
Saturday – 10:20 a.m. – Milwaukee Lutheran – Illinois Celtics (IL) vs. WI Blizzard Kellett (WI)
Saturday – 10:20 a.m. – Milwaukee Lutheran – Wisconsin Bulldogs (WI) vs. Li-Ning Buckeyes (IL)
Saturday – 12:40 p.m. – Homestead H.S. – IBA Muscle Milk Select (IL) vs. Wisconsin Swing)

16U Prospects of Note:
(Note – This is not an exclusive list)

2014 – G – Riley Lachance (RAS)
2014 – SG – Brady Ellingson (RAS)
2014 – PG – Reed Timmer (RAS)
2014 – SF – Devante Jackson (RAS)
2014 – SF – Evan Wesenberg (Wisconsin Swing)
2014 – PF – Jon Averkamp (Wisconsin Swing)
2014 – SG – Jake Showalter (Wisconsin Swing)
2014 – PG – Turner Moen (Wisconsin Swing)
2015 – PG – Brandon Key (Milwaukee Rebels)
2015 – SF – Romeo Bouie (Milwaukee Rebels)
2014 – SG – D’Angelo Jackson (Milwaukee Rebels)
2014 – F – Trevon Bunch (Milwaukee Rebels)
2014 – SG – Matthew Williams (TP Elite)
2014 – G – Christopher Howell (TP Elite)
2014 – SF – Jerrod Walton (TP Elite)
2014 – SG – Jerrelle Deberry (BGC Elite)
2014 – G/F – Jonathan Carson (BGC Elite)
2014 – SG – Sean Clarey (BGC Elite)
2014 – G/F – Ayinde Starling (BGC Elite)
2014 - F - Michael Finke (Peoria Irish)
2014 - PG - Marcus Bartley (Peoria Irish)
2014 – C – Cody Belter – (Mid-America Elite)
2014 – G – Larry Austin Jr. – (Mid-America Elite)
2014 – C – Austin Gillmann – (Gateway Basketball)
2014 – G – Trevor Clay – (Gateway Basketball)
2014 – C – Tyler Jackson – (Illinois Celtics)
2014 – G – Jordan Stelzer – (Wisconsin Blizzard Popp)
2014 – F – Zach Jensen – (Wisconsin Blizzard Popp)
2014 – G/F – Sean Van Helden – (Wisconsin Blizzard Popp)
2015 – G/F – Dwayne Lawhorn Jr. – (D.W. Wildcats)
2015 – G – Jevon Smith – (D.W. Wildcats)
2014 – G – Jamare Griffin – (D.W. Wildcats)
2014 – G – Paul Miller – (Wisconsin Shooters)
2014 – G/F – Nick Klar – (Wisconsin Shooters)
2014 – G – Javarius Mays – (Team NLP)
2014 – G/F – Kurt Hall – (Team NLP)
2014 – G – Javon Carter – (Team NLP)
2014 – PF – Christopher Ayers – (DTA Spartans)
2014 – G – Nick Cobbins – (DTA Spartans)
2014 – SF – Raylon Wilborn – (Wisconsin Bulldogs)
2014 – PG – Reggie Rabb – (Wisconsin Playmakers)
2014 – F/C – Parker Weber – (Wisconsin Playmakers)
2014 – SF – Ethin Kiekhafer – (Wisconsin Plamakers)
2014 – SG – Zack Mebolstad – (Wisconsin Playmakers)
2014 - G/F - Austin Berlick - (Wisconsin Blizzard Kellett)
2014 - F - Matt Reader - (Wisconsin Blizzard Kellett)
2014 - SG - Jordan Shea - (Wisconsin Blizzard Kellett)
2014 - F - Doug Fabry - (Wisconsin Blizzard Kellett)
2014 - SF - Michael Lukashewich - (Wisconsin Blizzard Kellett)

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