The 2012 NY2LA Sports Spring Extravaganza hit the hardwood in Minnesota this past weekend and 13 different states of teams along with a plethora of college coaches were on hand for the action.  We begin our recap of the first year event with our roll call of the champions from this past weekend…

17U Platinum Champions – Kingdom Hoops Elite (IA)
17U Platinum Runner-Up – Wisconsin Swing (WI)

17U Gold Champions – Iowa Mavericks Orange (IA)
17U Gold Runner-Up – GB Gunners (WI)

17U Silver Champions – Wisconsin Shooters (WI)
17U Silver Runner-Up – Minnesota Comets – Stock (MN)

16U Platinum Champions – RAS (WI)
16U Platinum Runner-Up – Wisconsin Swing (WI)

16U Gold Champions – WI Scholars (WI)
16U Gold Runner-Up – Rockford Ambassadors (IL)

15U Platinum Champions – KC Run GMC (KS/MO)
15U Platinum Runner-Up – DTA Spartans (WI)

15U Gold Champions – TP Elite (WI)
15U Gold Runner-Up – WI Playmakers (WI)

15U Silver Champions – Kingdom Hoops Red (IA)
15U Silver Runner-Up – Wisconsin Shooters (WI)

14U Platinum Champions – Wisconsin Playground Warriors (WI)
14U Platinum Runner-Up – Wisconsin Xtreme (WI)

13U Platinum Champions – Playground Elite – Debakker (WI)
13U Platinum Runner-Up – TP Elite (WI)

12U Platinum Champions – WI Playground Warriors (WI)
12U Platinum Runner-Up – Net Gain Sports (MN)

11U Platinum Champions – RAS (WI)
11U Platinum Runner-Up – Net Gain Sports (MN)

10U Platinum Champions – Playground Elite (WI)
10U Platinum Runner-Up – MN Young Guns (MN)

9U Platinum Champions – RAS (WI)
9U Platinum Runner-Up – Playground Elite (WI)

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