The first annual NCAA Certified NY2LA Sports Spring Extravaganza invades Minnesota April 20-22, 2012 as teams from California, Texas, New Mexico, Kansas, Missouri, North Dakota, South Dakota, Mississippi, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Wisconsin and Minnesota hit the hardwood for three action packed days of hoops to kick off the April Evaluation period for Division 1 College Coaches.  The tournament will tip off with action on Friday at 6:00 p.m. and run throughout the weekend with 15u-17u action taking place inside Hopkins High School and Minnetonka High School Friday and Saturday and then Championship Sunday for the 15u-17u taking place at Hopkins High School on Sunday.  The tournament will also offer up 9u-14u divisions with those games taking place at Hopkins North Junior High School.


The 17U Division will feature some of the top teams and prospects in the country with a 36 team field that includes the Wisconsin Swing, Net Gain Sports, TP Elite, Texas Select, KC Run GMC (formerly Pump ‘N Run), I-Can All-Stars, Inland Empire, Wisconsin Playmakers (2), SYF Players, New Mexico Force, MBA Hoops Elite, DTA Spartans, Gateway Basketball, Illinois Rising Stars, Kingdom Hoops (2), Iowa Barnstormers, Milwaukee Rebels, Missouri Wings Elite, Randolph Boys Club, Iowa Mavericks (2), Green Bay Gunners, Wisconsin Shooters, Wisconsin Blizzard (2), ECI Prospects, ECI Select, Minnesota Comets (2), Minnesota Select (2), 43 Hoops, Rockford Ambassadors, and Team Get Shook. 

A stellar 16U Division will offer up some exciting action as well with a 32 team field that includes the Iowa Barnstormers, Wisconsin Swing (2), RAS, Texas Select (2), KC Run GMC (Formerly Pump ‘N Run), Milwaukee Rebels, SYF Players, Inland Empire, Wisconsin Scholars, DTA Spartans, ECI Prospects, SYF Hoopmatics, Wisconsin Shooters, TP Elite, Green Bay Gunners, WI Playmakers, Iowa Mavericks (3), Minnesota Comets (2), D.W. Wildcats, Minnesota Select, Wisconsin Blizzard (2), Randolph Boys Club (2), Wisconsin RAP, Rockford Ambassadors, and the Bay City Bruins.

The tournament will also feature a 24 team 15U field that includes such teams as Kingdom Hoops (2), KC Run GMC (Formerly Pump ‘N Run), Wisconsin Swing (2), Net Gain Sports, Wisconsin Playground Warriors, TP Elite, Wisconsin Playmakers (2), Minnesota Select, Iowa Mavericks (2), Central IL Net Gain, SYF Players (2), DTA Spartans, Mavericks, Iowa Barnstormers, Playground 2016, TP Elite, Wisconsin Shooters, Wisconsin RAP, and the Green Bay Gunners.

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