A stellar group of 16U teams hit the hardwood in Wisconsin late last month for the annual NY2LA Sports Invitational and when the final whistle blew it was Kendrick Nunn who stood front and center as his last second shot lifted Meanstreets to the 16U Platinum Championship.  He headlines the 16U All-Tournament team as we recap the division today…

16U Platinum Champions – Meanstreets (IL)
16U Platinum 2nd Place – Wisconsin Playmakers White (WI)
16U Gold Champions – Wisconsin Shooters (WI)
16U Gold 2nd Place – Rockford Wildcats Blue (IL)

16U Most Outstanding Player – Kendrick Nunn – Meanstreets (IL)

16U All-Tournament Team
Kendrick Nunn (Meanstreets), Jabril Adekoya (Meanstreets), Jaylon Tate (Meanstreets), Alvin Ellis (Meanstreets), Matt Thomas (Wisconsin Playmakers), Toby Hegner (Wisconsin Playmakers), Turner Botz (Wisconsin Playmakers), Paris Lee (Full Package), David McCoy (Full Package), Steven Cook (Full Package), Demarcus Richardson (Derrick Rose All-Stars), Kendall Pollard (Derrick Rose All-Stars), Leonard McIntosh (Derrick Rose All-Stars), Alex Bausch (St. Louis Gateway), Luke Schroepfer (St. Louis Gateway), Shawn Fitzgibbons (Minnesota Select White), Carson Shanks (Minnesota Select White), Logan Brown (Minnesota Select White), Ben Moore (Illinois T-Wolves), Elliott McGaughy (Illinois T-Wolves), Thomas Wilder (Illinois T-Wolves), Nick Czarnowski (IBA Select), Dan Helm (IBA Select), Keelan Johnson (Playground Elite), Javvon Palmer (Playground Elite), Tanner Hunsucker (Wisconsin Shooters), Mike Novak (Wisconsin Shooters), Grant Prusaton (Rockford Wildcats Blue), Austin Hawkins (Wisconsin Playmakers Blue), Kenyon Gist (Old Gold)

16U Top Performances
(Note – Listed in alphabetical order)

Jabril Adekoya – Meanstreets
Shaquon Alexander – Derrick Rose All-Stars
Alex Bausch – St. Louis Gateway
Turner Botz – Wisconsin Playmakers White
James Bridges – Rockford Wildcats Blue
Logan Brown – Minnesota Select White
Darius Cobb – Missouri Impact
Steven Cook – Full Package
Nick Czarnowski – IBA Select
Nick Davidson – Meanstreets
M.J. Delmore – Wisconsin Playmakers White
Jacob Doyle – Rockford Wildcats Blue
Alvin Ellis – Meanstreets
Grant Erickson – Minnesota Select White
Shawn Fitzgibbons – Minnesota Select White
John Gardner II – Derrick Rose All-Stars
Drew Gaurke – Rockford Wildcats Blue
Kenyon Gist – Old Gold
Austin Hawkins – Wisconsin Playmakers Blue
Toby Hegner – Wisconsin Playmakers White
Dan Helm – IBA Select
Marcus Hill – Meanstreets
Aaron Holiday – Old Gold
Rasheed Hopkins – Old Gold
Tanner Hunsucker – Wisconsin Shooters
David Jesperson – Wisconsin Playmakers White
Keelan Johnson – Playground Elite
Andy Kleinlein – St. Louis Gateway
Paris Lee – Full Package
David McCoy – Full Package
Elliott McGaughy – Illinois T-Wolves
Leonard McIntosh – Derrick Rose All-Stars
Jamaar McKay – DTA Spartans
Ben Moore – Illinois T-Wolves
Mike Novak – Wisconsin Shooters
Kendrick Nunn – Meanstreets
Foye Oloukun – St. Louis Gateway
Javvon Palmer – Playground Elite
Terrone Parham – IBA Select
Sandro Pesquiera – Wisconsin Shooters
Kendall Pollard – Derrick Rose All-Stars
Grant Prusaton – Rockford Wildcats Blue
Demarcus Richardson – Derrick Rose All-Stars
Luke Schroepfer –St. Louis Gateway
Carson Shanks – Minnesota Select White
Leo Suete – Meanstreets
Jaylon Tate – Meanstreets
Matthew Thomas – Meanstreets
Erick Trnell – Wisconsin Playmakers Blue
Thomas Wilder – Illinois Twolves
Cody Zimmerman – Wisconsin Playmakers White

Note – All 2013 and 2014 Top performers from the 2011 Swish N’ Dish and the 2011 NY2LA Sports Invitational are invited to attend the 2011 Futures Camp July 2-3, 2011 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  For details on the camp CLICK HERE