The 2011 NY2LA Sports Invitational hit the hardwood late last month as teams from across the Midwest made the trip to the Badger state for three days of intense action.  The 17U division was filled with a number of highly regarded prospects once again and as the weekend came to a close it was Tim Williams who combined with Curtis Jones to lead Meanstreets to the Platinum Championship.  We start our recap of the event with a look at the 17U All-Tournament team and top performers…

17U Platinum Champions – Meanstreets (IL)
17U Platinum 2nd Place – 43 Hoops (MN)
17U Gold Champions – IL Old School Woods (IL)
17U Gold 2nd Place – Rockford Wildcats (IL)

17U Most Outstanding Players
Tim Williams and Curtis Jones (Meanstreets)

17U All-Tournament Team
Antonio Bishop (Meanstreets), Tim Williams (Meanstreets), Curtis Jones (Meanstreets), Malcolm Hill-Bey (Meanstreets), Marcus Marshall (43 Hoops), Nate Kratch (43 Hoops), Marcus Tyus (43 Hoops), Zak Showalter (Wisconsin Swing), Nick Fuller (Wisconsin Swing), Austin Arians (Wisconsin Swing), Anthony Carroll (TP Elite), Jarvis Garrett (TP Elite), Jameel McKay (TP Elite), Kyle Oden (Illinois Crush), Jalen Loving (Illinois Crush), Travis Britt (Peoria Irish), Reid Farchmin (Peoria Irish), Matt Van Scyoc (Playground Elite Hines), David Shepard (Playground Elite Hines), Tyler Flack (Minnesota Select White), Kyle Baumann (Minnesota Select White), Brady Wohlers (Minnesota Select White), Mike Leazer (Illinois Old School Woods), Danny Forde (Illinois Old School Woods), Tyler Watzlawich (Rockford Wildcats), Tommy McDermott (Net Gain Sports), Zack Lofton (Net Gain Sports), Johnny Woodard (Net Gain Sports), Derek Baker (Wisconsin Blaze), Dan Sideskey (Wisconsin Wizards), Keith Carter (Team NLP), Aaron Simpson (Team NLP), Charles Harris (Full Package), Zach Burnham (QC Run N’ Jump), Tyler Fischl (Derrick Rose All-Stars)

17U Top Performers
(Note – Listed in Alphabetical Order)

Austin Arians – Wisconsin Swing Litscher
Derek Baker – Wisconsin Blaze
Kyle Baumann – Minnesota Select White
Antonio Bishop – Meanstreets
Darrell Bowie – Meanstreets
Travis Britt – Peoria Irish
Zach Burnham – QC Run N’ Jump
Anthony Carroll – TP Elite
Keith Carter – Team NLP
Riley Dearring – Net Gain Sports
Reid Farchmin – Peoria Irish
Cutler Finneman – 43 Hoops
Larry Fitzgerald – Wisconsin Shooters
Luke Fischer – Wisconsin Swing Litscher
Tyler Fischl – Derrick Rose All-Stars
Tyler Flack – Minnesota Select White
Danny Forde – Illinois Old School Woods
Nick Fuller – Wisconsin Swing Litscher
Jarvis Garrett – TP Elite
Chris Golden – TP Elite
Charles Harris – Full Package
Carlos Hendrix – Rockford Wildcats
Hunter Hill – Rockford Wildcats
Malcolm Hill-Bey – Meanstreets
Eli Hinze – Wisconsin Blaze
Curtis Jones – Meanstreets
Nate Kratch – 43 Hoops
Mike Leazer – Illinois Old School Woods
Zack Lofton – Net Gain Sports
Jaylen Loving – Illinois Crush
Austin Malone-Mitchell – TP Elite
C.J. Malone – Wisconsin Shooters
Ater Manyang – Net Gain Sports
Marcus Marshall – 43 Hoops
Andy Mazurczak – Illinois Old School Woods
Tommy McDermott – Net Gain Sports
Seth Mortag – Playground Elite Hines
Jameel McKay – TP Elite
Phillip Nolan – DTA
Kyle Oden – Illinois Crush
Darius Paul – Full Package
Brett Rasmussen – Minnesota Select White
Elijah Ray – Derrick Rose All-Stars
Ryan Rosburg – St. Louis Gateway
Cullen Russo – 43 Hoops
Mitch School – Wisconsin Blaze
John Schneider – Team NLP
Dan Sideskey – Wisconsin Wizards
David Shepard – Playground Elite Hines
Zak Showalter – Wisconsin Swing Litscher
Aaron Simpson – Team NLP
Joe Tagrelli – Wisconsin Swing Litscher
William Taylor – Wisconsin Wizards
Marcus Tyus – 43 Hoops
Matt Van Scyoc – Playground Elite Hines
Rashad Vaughn – Net Gain Sports
Tyler Watzlawich – Rockford Wildcats
Tim Williams – Meanstreets
Brady Wohlers – Minnesota Select White
Johnny Woodard – Net Gain Sports