An exciting week of action hit the hardwood this past weekend at the annual NY2LA Sports Invitational and when the ball stopped bouncing programs from Illinois, Minnesota, and Wisconsin took home the hardware.  Here’s a quick recap of the champions at each division from this past weekend’s event.

17u Platinum Champions – Meanstreets (IL)
17U Platinum 2nd Place – 43 Hoops (MN)
17U Platinum Final Four – Meanstreets, 43 Hoops, WI Swing, T.P. Elite

16U Platinum Champions – Meanstreets (IL)
16U Platinum 2nd Place – Wisconsin Playmakers (WI)
16U Platinum Final Four – Meanstreets, WI Playmakers, Full Package, Derrick Rose All-Stars

15U Platinum Champions – Ray Allen Select (WI)
15U Platinum Champions – 43 Hoops (MN)
15U Platinum Final Four – Ray Allen Select, 43 Hoops, Playground Elite, Wisconsin Scholars

14U Platinum Champions – Net Gain Sports (MN)
14U Platinum 2nd Place – WI Playground Warriors (WI)
14U Platinum Final Four – Net Gain Sports, WI Playground Warriors, Randolph, WI Hoyas

13U Platinum Champions – Playground Elite (WI)
13U Platinum 2nd Place – Wisconsin Xtreme (WI)
13U Platinum Final Four – PG Elite, WI Xtreme, WI Bulldogs Black, WI PG Warriors

12U Platinum Champions – Illinois Crush (IL)
12U Platinum 2nd Place – WI Playground Warriors (WI)
12U Platinum Final Four – Illinois Crush, WI PG Warriors, MPLS Select, PG Elite

11U Platinum Champions – Chicago Select (IL)
11U Platinum 2nd Place – WI Blizzard (WI)
11U Platinum Final Four – Chicago Select, WI Blizzard, 3 Point Fury, Team X

10U Platinum Champions – Ray Allen Select (WI)
10U Platinum 2nd Place – Minnesota Kings (MN)
10U Platinum Final Four – Ray Allen Select, MN Kings, 3 Point Fury, Chicago Select

17U Gold Champions – Illinois Old School Woods (IL)
17U Gold 2nd Place – Rockford Wildcats

16U Gold Champions – Wisconsin Shooters (WI)
16U Gold 2nd Place – Rockford Wildcats Blue (IL)

15U Gold Champions – Rockford Wildcats (IL)
15U Gold 2nd Place – T.P. Elite (WI)

14U Gold Champions – Lakeshore Lakers (WI)
14U Gold 2nd Place – Team Getshook White (MN)

13U Gold Champions – Minneapolis Select (MN)
13U Gold Champions – Running Rebels (IL)

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