The 2010 NY2LA Sports Invitational wrapped up this past weekend after a furious three days of action at the fifth annual event and as the balls stopped bouncing in the gyms it was players like 17U Co-M.V.P. Hayden Hoerdemann of the Peoria Irish who took their stock to another level.  Here’s a brief look at all of the champions and the M.V.P.’s for the Boys 14U-17U divisions from this past weekend.  In-depth recaps and All-Tournament teams from each division will be posted here over the next few weeks.

17U Platinum Division Champions – Peoria Irish (Illinois)
17U Platinum Division 2nd Place – Playground Elite (Wisconsin)
17U Platinum Co-M.V.P.’s – Hayden Hoerdemann and Jens Kennedy (Peoria Irish)

17U Gold Division Champions – Wisconsin Warhawks (Wisconsin)
17U Gold Division 2nd Place – Illinois T-Wolves (Illinois)
17U Gold M.V.P. – Terry Nash (Wisconsin Warhawks)

16U Platinum Division Champions – Team Detroit (Michigan)
16U Platinum Division 2nd Place – Full Package Elite (Illinois)
16U Platinum Co-M.V.P.’s – Javonte Hawkins and Kyle Molock (Team Detroit)

16U Gold Division Champions – Illinois T-Wolves Gray (Illinois)
16U Gold Division 2nd Place – Velocity Elite (Illinois)
16U Gold M.V.P. – Andre Norris (Illinois T-Wolves Gray)

15U Platinum Division Champions – Illinois Attack (Illinois)
15U Platinum Division 2nd Place – MF Bumblebees
15U Platinum M.V.P. – Jabari Sandifer (Illinois Attack)

15U Gold Division Champions – Minnesota Jaguars (Minnesota)
15U Gold Division 2nd Place – Wisconsin Wizards
15U Gold M.V.P. – Darius Hill – Minnesota Jaguars (Minnesota)

14U Platinum Division Champions – Milwaukee Running Rebels (Wisconsin)
14U Platinum Division 2nd Place – Ray Allen Select
14U Platinum Co-M.V.P.’s – Djade Denson and David Burrell (Milwaukee Running Rebels)

14U Gold Division Champions – Chicago Select Cross (Illinois)
14U Gold Division 2nd Place – Playground Elite Blue
14U Gold Division M.V.P. – Andre Hogan (Chicago Select Cross)

13U Champions – Milwaukee Spartans (Wisconsin)
13U 2nd Place – Playground Elite (Wisconsin

12U Champions – Wisconsin Xtreme (Wisconsin)
12U 2nd Place – Milwaukee Spartans (Wisconsin)

11U Champions – Playground Elite (Wisconsin)
11U 2nd Place – Chicago Select (Illinois)

10U Champions – Ferrari (Illinois)
10U 2nd Place – We Can Go All-Stars (Indiana)

9U Champions – Ray Allen Select (Wisconsin)
9U 2nd Place – Racine Lakers (Wisconsin)

16U Champions – Supreme Court (Michigan)
16U 2nd Place – Playground Elite Purple (Wisconsin)

15U Champions – Playground Elite (Wisconsin)
15U 2nd Place – WBA Prestige Teal (Wisconsin)

14U Champions – WBA Prestige Black (Wisconsin)
14U 2nd Place – Full Package (Illinois)

13U Champions – Playground Elite (Wisconsin)
13U 2nd Place – Wisconsin Blizzard (Wisconsin)

12U Champions – Playground Elite (Wisconsin)
12U 2nd Place – WBA Prestige Blue (Wisconsin)