The talent and excitement did not disappoint to cap off a great year of hoops on the TGBA. With a large contingent of college coaches on hand for the final Div. 1 live period of the summer, plenty of players showcased their full abilities. Here is part one of the top performers from the Grassroots Summer Championships. 

Camron Amboree – 2022 – G – 3D Empire
Amboree was tremendous over multiple games during the tournament helping his team win the championship. He was scoring the ball exceptionally well, especially with the ball in his hands. The point guard scored 24 points in the semifinals and then 18 points in the title game, including 5 crucial ones in overtime. He excelled in creating good looks from the perimeter for himself and shooting it at a high level off the dribble in addition to getting to the basket often with his dynamic moves off the dribble. 

Drew Barrie – 2022 – G – Reach Legends
The 6’4” two guard was one of the top shooters at the tournament, knocking down shots at a high percentage in bunches. Barrie shoots the ball extremely well off the catch and dribble with his excellent form. An incredibly active guard that moves so well with the ball to get good looks but also showed a good ability to hit tough contested shots. 

Anthony Black – 2022 – G – 3D Empire
To the surprise of no one, Black had multiple big games over the tournament to help 3D Empire win the 17U championship. As a 6’7” guard, Black can beat defenses in a multitude of ways. He’s at his best as a slasher attacking the basket and finishes extremely well around the basket but can also knock down jumpers and is a skilled distributor. It’s easy to see why Duke, Gonzaga, and Kansas have all offered him this summer. 

Eddrin Bronson – 2023 – G – Judah Nation
The highly skilled 6’4” guard showed a great scoring ability and got it done in a variety of ways. Bronson moves extremely well with the ball to often be beating his man and getting to the rim. He also showed a smooth jumper hitting them pulling up in the mid-range as well to hitting threes from well beyond the arc. So incredibly difficult to defend as he’s tough to stay in front of and has a great ability to hit contested jumpers. 

Wes Celichowski – 2022 – C – Louisville Legends
Celichowski has continued to impress this summer and show that he was one of the better 2022 big men on the TGBA. He stands at 6’11” and has a strong build to be a force in the paint. At times, he was simply unstoppable when he got the ball around the basket and was just finishing everything. He is also an aggressive rebounder that was battling on hard on the glass all weekend to put up some big rebounding totals. 

Daniel Hankins-Sanford – 2022 – F – Team United
A strong, energetic, and athletic do-it-all 6’8” forward. Offensively, he scored the ball well going to the basket, posting up, as well as a good jumper in the mid-range. Though, his contributions go much further as he is skilled defender with all his tools that can matchup with nearly anyone as well to being a force on the glass.

Detric Hearst – 2022 – G – Hoop City Ohio
One of the better playmaking guards of the tournament. A great distributor with his ability to get into the defense and move the ball. With the combination of his court awareness and vision, Hearst is such a good decision maker with the ball and can pick apart defenses so well. Not just a distributor, the point guard was often able to get all the way to the basket as well as hitting some jumpers from the mid-range and three. 

Ashton Janowski – 2022 – G – JH1 Elite
Janowski continued his strong summer down in Orlando, both scoring and distributing the ball at a high level. He has good point guard skills with his strong handle, court vision, and ability to get into the paint often. In addition, Janowski was shooting the ball very well spotting up from three at a high percentage.  

Trey Jenkins – 2022 – G – World Hoops Elite
The 6’4” wing guard was lighting it from the perimeter in Orlando on his was to a 24-point performance in one game. Jenkins was moving well without the ball and is always ready to shoot. He has good length to shoot right over defenders and was just not missing when spotting up from three with his smooth stroke. Not just a shooter, Jenkins is a versatile player with positional size, good rebounding ability, and defending multiple positions well.