With teams from Texas to Minnesota to Colorado and across the south on hand, Orlando was loaded with talent. Here is a highly skilled list of stock boosters that all impressed in front of the college coaches at the Grassroots Summer Championships. 

Finley Deischer – 2023 – G – WI Dynasty
The point guard showed a great scoring ability and was playing his best ball of the summer. He is a skilled and confident shot maker that can really shoot the ball off the dribble. Deischer has great range on his jumper and a very good ability to quickly pull up and hit his shots. 

Marquez Johnson – 2023 – G – Chicago Grinders
With many quality guards who can really put up some points, Johnson was right up there with the best of them. Johnson was able to get into the paint whenever he wanted with his good handle and great moves on the attack. He sees the floor well and drives into the paint with a purpose and showed a nice crafty finishing ability when he got there.  

Collin Madson – 2023 – G – WI RAP
The wing guard played well offensively, often leading the scoring attacking for his team but also really impressed on the defensive end. Madson was playing with tremendous energy to limit some talented opposing guards and wings. On the offensive end, Madson was shooting the ball well from three as usual but also took it strong to the basket. 

Braden McGlothlin – 2023 – G – JH1 Elite
A skilled and high IQ guard that plays to his strengths so well. McGlothlin stands out the most with his knockdown shooting ability from the perimeter. Game after game throughout the tournament, he was just not missing spotting up from three. The rising junior can also play with the ball with his strong handle and showed a very good passing ability and court awareness. 

Adison Mittelstadt – 2023 – G – Movement Hoops
The 6’3” guard has continued to impress this spring and summer with his scoring ability. Mittelstadt has a smooth jumper and shoots the ball at a very high percentage spotting up from deep. He’s a smart guard that was moving very well without the ball to get himself looks from the outside and score on cuts to the basket. 

R’Shaun Miller – 2023 – G – Motor City Grizzlies
The junior is an elusive playmaking point guard. He’s an incredibly shifty with the ball in his hands and so difficult to stay in front of. He was getting into the defense often to score in the mid-range and paint but did an even better job creating for his teammates. An unselfish player that continued to take advantage of the defense collapsing on his drives and dishing it out. 

Donovan Pruitt – 2023 – G – Indy EBC
Pruitt continuously showcased his very good point guard abilities. He was at his best attacking the basket constantly getting into the paint with his great moves with the ball, handle as well with his quickness. He’s an unselfish pass first player that sees the floor very well on the move to do a great job creating for his teammates. While a skilled distributor, he also scored it getting to the basket as well as pulling up in the mid-range. 

Alex Sippy – 2023 – G – World Hoops Elite
Sippy is an energetic guard that impressed with his perimeter shooting in Orlando. In one game, he was able to knock down three threes in just the first few minutes of the game alone. With his smooth stroke, he was hitting shots at a high percentage and has a quick release on his jumper. He has some quickness and is a tough perimeter defender with his aggressive, hard-nosed style of play. 

Danny Stephens – 2023 – G/F – Mid Pro Academy
The wing had a tremendous showing Sunday for his team in both the semifinal and championship games. He started it off Sunday leading his team with 20 points in the semifinals and followed it up with an efficient 10 points in the championship game victory. In addition to scoring plenty, Stephens does so much on the floor with all his abilities and at 6’7” with good length. 

James York – 2023 – G – UTS Elite
The point guard impressed with his play off the dribble attacking the basket. York maneuvers very well with the ball plus has good quickness to often be beating his man and getting paint touches. He has a good passing ability on the move in addition to being a very crafty finisher around the paint converting on a high percentage of his drives.