Here are some players from the tournament who all had highly impressive performances and helped their stock the most. 

Amar Augillard – TH 2021 – G/F
A powerful matchup problem on the offensive end, Augillard scored at the mid-range level, in transition, and off dribble penetration in half court sets.  He showed improved athleticism and activity and his ability to score through contact is impressive.  A solid opening weekend for Augillard.  

PJ Edwards – George Hill All Indy – G
Edwards is an active and athletic wing guard. He scores it strong through contact around the paint often but also showed the ability to spot up on the perimeter to hit the three. Plays big on the floor and will overpower opponents to take it to the basket or beat them with good moves. Tough perimeter defender as well. 

Jayden Houston – Midwest Prospect Academy – G
Houston is an athletic guard with a great motor that does a number of things on the floor. He was simply out working everyone else on the court to make a big contribution for his team. The strong 6’3” guard takes it hard to the basket and finishes well around the basket. Defensively, Houston has the ability to shut down opposing guards and wings. 

Jason Jones – Yanders Law – F
Jones is a tough and active 6’7” power forward. He moves well for his size and gets to the basket often off the dribble. Tough to match up with as he can also beat defenders by posting them up on the block or shooting it from the mid-range. As well he was able to get to the free throw line often as defenders struggled stopping him without fouling. 

Michael Justice – UTS Elite – F
Justice is a strong 6’7” power forward that can stretch the floor well. Good spot up shooter that you cannot give any space out on the perimeter or he will knock down the three. Also scored the ball rolling to the hoop, on dump offs, and running the floor in the translon game. He is active and battles hard on the defensive end. 

Parker Lawrence – Wisconsin Blizzard – G
Lawrence is a quality all-around point guard that gets a lot done on the offensive end scoring and distributing the basketball. He attacks the basket hard and is tough to stay in front of. Was able to draw a great deal of fouls and connect at the line. Lawrence showed good vision when attacking and kicks the ball out well to open teammates. The active guard also spotted up to hit a few threes himself. 

Don McHenry – WP-Terrell – G
McHenry is a talented all-around point guard that is a good quick decision maker. Impressed with the ball in his hands and knows where to go with it. Quick and changes direction well to penetrate the defense often. Defenders struggled staying in front of him. Very skilled passer on the drive who does a nice job finding an open man and will get all the way into the paint to score himself.  

Marcus Overstreet – Illinois Jaguars – F
As a 2022 playing up a division, Overstreet was dominant at times scoring the ball inside. Stands at 6’7” and plays even bigger with his motor and aggressiveness. He scored the ball very well around the paint posting up, on put backs, and rolling to the hoop. Has good moves posting up and soft touch. As well Overstreet rebounded the ball very well on both ends of the court and played tough interior defense. 

Kentrell Pullian – UTS Elite – G
Pullian is a guard that is a quality scorer. Did a good amount of his damage knocking down jumpers from three with a good looking shot. Rises up quickly to hit shots right over defenders Though he can just as easily beat defenders off the dribble and finishes very well for his size in the paint.  

Jasin Sinani – Wisconsin RAP – G
Sinani is an absolute knockdown shooter that hit an impressive seven threes in a single game. Has a smooth stroke and hit some tough contested jump shots. More than a shooter too as he has a good all-around game and can attack the basket as well. Smart and active guard on the defensive end of the floor.  

Tre Valeriano – World Hoops Elite – G
Valeriano is a point guard that can get a lot done with the ball in his hands as he can both score and distribute it. He has good quickness and handle to create separation and make shots off the dribble from the mid-range as well as beyond the arc. Also, he did a good job getting to the basket with his good acceleration. More than a scorer as he showed good vision and passing skills.