For most high school basketball players, the junior season is the most pivotal one.  This is the season, where if you haven’t already made a name for yourself you can do so if you produce.  Joshua Hines has been producing at a high-level for the Macomb Dakota Cougars this season.  We were able to catch up with Joshua and talk about his breakout season. 

Q:  How has your season been going?
A:  So far, my season has been going good.  Currently, we are 15-3 and I have been a major contributor to our success in different ways.  I take pride in my defense and being able to guard some of the top guards in my area.  I also focus on getting more assists and helping my teammates get open. 

Q:  What are your season per game averages?
A:  I’m averaging 18 points, 6 rebounds and 4 assists per game. 

Q:  What part of your game has seen the most improvement?
A:   My ability to get past defenders and finish inside the paint has improved a lot.  I’ve also added a mid-range game and my overall court vision to see the floor and get guys open has gotten better.  Those were two areas I’ve spent the most time on improving the last two off-seasons. 

Q:  How are your grades and have you heard from any colleges?
A:  I have maintained honor roll status since my freshman year.  I’ve heard from a few schools in Michigan who have expressed interest and complimented me on my game.  

Q:  What was your main goal going into the season?
A:  My personal goal was to be a better overall leader to my teammates.  I also wanted to help my team win any kind of conference, district, regional or State Championship!  Even though I’m just a junior, I have more experience than other players on the team and it’s my responsibility to play whatever role is needed for us to have a winning season. 

Q: What is it like playing with another high-level guard like Ryan Rollins?
A:  Playing with Ryan has been a great experience.  Having to guard him every day in practice during the season, helps me get better.  He’s the type of player who makes everyone around him better.   Our off-season workouts can get competitive but that’s how we push each other to get better.  He’s been a significant reason why I’ve been able to improve different areas of my game from year-to-year.      

Q:  What do you want people to know about you and your game?
A:  I want people to know that I am a competitor at heart!  I compete against myself more than I do with other players and I’m always focused on getting better.  Overall, I have a positive attitude and willing to be coached.  My court vision and decision making with the ball continues to improve as well as shooting the three consistently.  I always tell myself to keep working and that my determination, training and working habit will produce results.