Every high-level team needs a leader on the floor and that is exactly who Kareem Rozier of Orchard Lake St. Mary’s is.  The sophomore point guard, can control the tempo of the game, get his teammates involved and is one of the premiere floor-leaders in the state.  We were able to talk with him and get some insight about his goals, his game and his future going forward.

Q:  How is the season going?
A:  Right now, the season has been going great!  We are off to an 11-1 start, only losing to Flint Beecher.  We have a young but experienced team that is very talented.  I’m excited for our team and what we can do this season. 

Q:  How has your game improved since a Freshman?
A:  My game has mostly improved with being a leader.  I’m more vocal now than I was as a freshman and that helped my leadership and our team be successful.  Leading the right way has been key for me as a point guard and making sure everyone follows my lead and foot-steps.  I’ve also improved my jump shot too and bringing energy defensively also.   

Q:   What’s the best part of your game?
A:  Being a leader and making plays for others would be my best quality.  Being a vocal leader helps when making plays for my teammates and getting guys involved.  

Q:  What college or pro athlete do you model your game after?
A:  I definitely mirror my game after Chris Paul!  The way he sees the floor and gets guys involved with a high amount of assists the most.  I try to play the same way in being a leader and getting guys involved and in the right spots.  I’m not like some of these guards just out here to get buckets.  I want to be a vocal leader and make sure my team follows my lead. 

Q:  What was your main goal going into the season?
A:  My main goal this season was keeping everyone together.  We got a lot of studs who can score and are very good players.  Lorne Bowman, Julian Roper and Jason Drake can all get buckets! It up to me to make sure they get the ball where they can do just that. 

Q:  You’ve been teammates with high-level players like Emoni Bates and Lorne Bowman.  What is it like playing with them and what have you learned?
A:  Let me say this first… they are both great players!! They both know and trust that I will get them to their spots on the floor and get them the ball in position to score.  Lorne, can score on and off the ball.  It is up to me to make sure he gets the ball in his spots.  Emoni, he is easy to find because he can do it all!  Standing at 6-foot-9, with his skill and IQ, it doesn’t take much to get him going just give him the ball.  One thing that is underrated about him is his vocal leadership.  Both him and Lorne are able to lead vocally and I’ve learned that from both of them.  

Q:  Do you have any offers and which schools have reached out to you?
A:  I have an offer from Mississippi Valley State, they were the first to offer.  I’ve also heard and have interest from multiple Big Ten and MAC conference schools.  They often call and check to see how my season is going.  

Q:  What areas of your game do you want to improve in when the season is done?
A:  I always feel I can improve my jump shot.  It has gotten better but it is one area that with my size I have to be able to do. Smaller guards have to be able to shoot the ball and knock shots down, so I want to keep improving in that area. 

Q:  Lastly, what do you want people to know about you and your game?
A:  I want people to know that for me it is always heart over height!  There are a lot of coaches who don’t take chances on smaller guards, so that’s why I play with so much enthusiasm and passion.  It’s the little things that will get me to the next level and playing with heart to get you anywhere!