Tarris Reed Jr. is having a really nice sophomore season playing with the Chaminade. The Red Devils are a storied program that boasts the likes of Jayson Tatum, David Lee and Brad Beal among its list of alumni. The 6-8 forward is aware of the historic performances witnessed on his home court and now seems destined to write a memorable story that’s all his own. 

The nimble post player has nice size for his position and sports a unique skill set that makes him a tough guard for other forwards. Tarris is the second leading scorer on the Class 5 top ranked Chaminade team. He is averaging 14 points and 7 rebounds per game, sports one of the best natural jump shots among players his size and possesses a nice fundamental set of post skills. I had the opportunity to catch up with Tarris.

Q:  How is the season going? 
A:  The season so far is going great. We are currently 12-3. We have a very solid team and looking for to getting a state championship.

Q:  What is your most memorable performance this season? 
A:  My most memorable performance would have to be the game we played against SLUH. That was when I had to show my outside game and really make defenders pressure up on me. I ended up with 27 points and 7 rebounds.

Q:  What advantage do you have over other bigs you have played?
A:  Studying the game and my position. I see most people at my position do not have the ability to shoot as well as I can or be able to put the ball on the deck. If the defense gives me too much room, I can shoot it. And if they play too close on me, I can put the ball on the deck and make a play.

Q:  What parts of your game are you working to improve?
A:  I am working on my off the ball movement and different post moves for different defenders. I am also learning how to read a double team in the post and be able to make a play off it. Additionally, I am working on reading the different types of defenders.

Q:  What goal are you trying to help your team achieve this season?
A:  The team goal this season is to win a state championship. I want to do it for the seniors. They came a long way, through thick and thin. The least we can do is secure a state title. 

Q:  What schools have offered? 
A:  Currently I hold offers from Kansas State, UMKC, Saint Louis University and Nebraska

Q:  What other schools are expressing interest?
A:  I have interest from Oklahoma, Kansas, Iowa, Missouri and Purdue.

Q:  What AAU team will you play with?
A:  I still haven’t decided who I am going to play for.