Playing on a team with a slew of talented teammates can be difficult at times keeping them all happy. Your job as point guard is to fascinate by quarterbacking and be an extension of your coach. Detavius Frierson teammates include Dain Dainja, a Baylor committed Center, and Joshua Brown, a perused shooter. 

Frierson must keep their hands fed the ball but also while scoring enough himself to let coaches know he can. Frierson is third in points per game at 13.4. Season high of 20 vs Centennial, and has managed to score consistently over the course of the season.

Detavius has offers from NDSCS, Northeast CC, Kilgore College, and Bemidji State. We chatted quick mid-way through the season. 

Q: How's the season going so far?
A: Good. A few tough losses but overall we’re still working to where we want to be.

Q: How do you think you've played this season?
A: I think I’m playing good for the most part. I just have to be more aggressive with my touches.

Q: A few games I've watched, Minnehaha, Armstrong, and another you seem to be playing the point guard position like a quarterback type role. Make sure everyone is getting touches. Do you feel you're doing that too much? Or forcing that?
A: I feel like there are times where I am too unselfish because I like to find my teammates and get them involved first, but I’m still learning and figuring out when to pass and when to keep it.

Q: Watching I think you're doing a great job running the offense and facilitating. What have you been working on to improve?
A: Shooting.

Q: How's recruitment going for you?
A: Recruitment is going good as of right now.

Q: Any offers or teams interested you'd like to share?
A: A lot of D1 jucos showing interests.

Q: What music are you guys getting hyped to before games?
A: We just honestly go with whatever is playing to be honest. We try to stay locked in and focused as much as possible.