Tariq Henry is a six foot two inch 185 pound 2020 guard from Osseo High School has good size for point guard. Before breaking his hand, Henry was averaging 15 points and 5 assists through 3 games for 2019-20 season. In one of those three vs Owatonna Henry had 23 points and shot 13 free throws.

While recovering, I chatted with Henry about the season and getting a recruiting update.

Q:  How's the season going so far?
A: It’s been a year of learning so far. We are currently 5-4 and my teammates are holding it down to the best of their ability while I’m out with a broken hand. We have a young squad so a lot of the situations we encounter in the game are new to almost everyone, as we have 8 sophomores on the Varsity squad.

Q: That's a lot of sophomore’s. I did not know you broke your hand. How long are you out? How'd it happen?
A: I broke it December 12th in my game vs Centennial. My teammate accidentally hit it while we were on defense trying to trap. I get my cast off next week and I’ll be back within the next 2 weeks.

Q: That's not so bad. Hopefully that timetable stays constant for you. What have you been working while your hand is in a cast? 
A: I’ve been running on the treadmill and riding the bike. Recently I have been running in practice with my team. I still lead our stretches and everything.

Q: Staying in shape when ready. Do you have offers or college interest?
A: Yeah exactly. But yes I have 2 D1 juco offers right now and interest from other Juco and NAIA schools.

Q: What part of your game do you think sets you apart from others?
A: I think my physicality as a point guard and my ability to drive and get to the basket is what sets me apart from others.