Evan Wieker is a six-foot, four-inch 200 pound guard with abilities to shoot the ball from the perimeter, make plays for teammates, and use his size to guard multiple positions making him very versatile. When fellow Senior Sean Buchanan transferred to Mayer Lutheran that opened more ball handling responsibilities for Wieker. 

For 2019-20, Wieker is managing 14 points, 5 rebounds, and 3.4 assists a game for the 7-7 STMA team. With a very competitive conference, and schedule, STMA is looking to rely on their senior’s like Wieker to finish the season strong.

Q: How’s the season going so far?
A: The team struggled early on due to injuries to key players.  This is also our first year in a very tough Lake Conference.  I feel like team is coming together, and we are improving every week.  As one of the team captains, I am working hard with our team leadership to mesh and to become the best team we can be. 

Q: Season Stats?
A: 15 games into the season, I am averaging 14 points a game.  I lead the team in assists and I am second in rebounds.

Q: What is your role on your team?
A: I do well in all aspects of the game.  I do what the team needs from me that day weather it's scoring, assisting or rebounding.  Depending on the competition, I can play guard or forward.  

Q: How is your role on your High School team different from your AAU role?
A; I would say my role in AAU is very similar to my role on my high school team.  I have been fortunate to play on some great AAU teams.  Last year, with Steve De Los Reyes on the MN Comets, we had a great mix of players and DeLo is an amazing coach.

Q: What skill set did you focus on to improve upon this summer?
A: With my AAU team, and now with my high school team, I am bringing the ball up more and more, so I have really been focusing on ball handling.

Q: How’s the college recruiting going?
A: I have been blessed to hear from many coaches in NAIA, UMAC, UW schools and the MIAC.  I am still in the decision making process.

Q: Do you have any visits lined up?
A: I've had a number of visits attending camps, practices and games.  

Q: What about your game do you think sets you apart from other wings?
A: I think my game is different from other wings because I can do everything that is asked of me.  If my team needs me to score, I can drive the hoop and shoot from the perimeter.  I can handle the ball, and love to share the ball if my team needs me to assist. I can play inside, being a strong rebounder with excellent post moves.

Q: What is your GPA & ACT?
A: My GPA is 3.6 and my ACT is 26 (30 in math).  Currently, my course load includes AP calculus, AP psychology and physics. 

Q: What do you plan on majoring in while at college?
A: I am currently undecided, but it will definitely be something in the science or math field.  I do very well at anything STEM related.  

Q: Anything else you want college coaches to know? 
A: I am constantly striving to become a better basketball player.  I work hard in the weight room, and feel like I am physically ready to compete in college.