Austin Wetter is a crafty taller than normal point guard who plays at Monticello High School in Minnesota. He has a soft, fluid shooting stroke and uses his height, 6'5, to guard multiple positions.

So far for the 2019-20 season Wetter is averaging 22.9 points on 33 made 3s and 2.5 steals. As a junior he scored 17 points per game while making 40% of his 3s and averaging 3.5 assists per game. During sections he upped his scoring to 23 points per game and helped Monticello make State.

Q: How's the season going so far?
A: Pretty good, we are currently 4-6 but are improving every game. With a brand new coach this year there were a little kinks at the beginning but once we get used to the system and get comfortable playing with each other, we will be where we want to be.

Q: What's the biggest difference for you with a new coach?
A: I would say probably just trust. Trusting his new system and what he says to make me a better player.

Q: Do you feel your role has changed this season as a senior?
A: I would say a little bit. I’m more looked at as being a leader now for our young team. It’s been fun just to embrace that role.

Q: How's the college recruiting going? Do you have any offers?
A: It’s been good, I have an offer from Dakota St and getting looked at by a couple D2’s. I am also talking to a couple MIAC schools.

Q: What about your game do you think sets you apart from other guards?
A: I would say I have a great basketball IQ. I see the floor very well and can find open guys. I can guard 1-5 positions. I shoot the ball very well and can handle the ball well also.