When you watch enough video of basketball game's editing highlights you eventually find players you didn't know existed. This is especially true with High School basketball since every team doesn't keep stats and/or they just keep scoring stats. 

Last basketball season, 2018-19, I was editing video of Park of Cottage Grove games. Park had five starting Senior's for that team including Charlie Grove and Dominik Block. The likelihood of a sophomore guard to make a sizeable impact seemed unlikely. However, around the eighth game or so I started to witness a kid emerge.

Jayden Lane showed a maturity with the ball in his hands, and an eye for getting teammates the ball when needed. He also had that crafty ability that you grave from your lead guard.

As a sophomore, he averaged just 6.4 points but he was deferring to Senior's, guys that can score. Block had multiple 35 plus scoring games. Now as a Junior Lane is scoring (17.2 ppg), playing defense and trying to lead a group of much younger, not much Varsity experienced players.

Q: How do you think you're season is going?
A: So far so well offensively, and defensively I've been active. Helping my team out a lot.

Q: How's the team with less seniors? I know last season you guys had a number of them.
A: A lot was relied on them and basically our whole team was Senior's last year. We come into the New Year with me, and Jack Blumberg as returning Varsity from last year, and everyone else is having their first Varsity experience this year. They aren’t showing out, and we’re just trying to surprise some people this year with our top players from last year gone.

Q: Last year you scored when necessary, this season more of a lead guard scoring and playmaking. Anything you had to do to prepare yourself?
A: Since last year I knew that I had to take over this year. Knowing seniors were leaving I took a lot of advice from the past Senior's to see what they did. I learned off them and working over the offseason just taking notes from watching good all-around players to see what I can do to be like that.