Cornell Richardson is a 2020 unsigned guard formerly of Osseo freshly transferred to Hopkins. Richardson went from a roster at Osseo mostly loaded with guards and underclassmen to a more balanced equal team loaded with highly rated talent including fellow 2020 guard uncommitted for college yet Kerwin Walton.

With a more equal opportunity Hopkins team behind Walton, Richardson has given Hopkins a steady head at the point with an average of 10 points per game. With wins over Minnehaha Academy and Minneapolis North, Hopkins is preparing for a highly competitive regular season that should test them and get them ready for sections. 

Q: How's the transition to Hopkins been like for you switching from Osseo?
A: Pretty good. Recruitment has been going up a lot and the school itself has good teaching at Hopkins. You only have four classes and they give you enough time to finish work.  On the basketball side our team is just now starting to jam together. Novak is one heck of a coach. He does not get the credit he deserves.

Q: You went from one well known coach at Osseo to Novak at Hopkins. Do you see similarities in their styles?
A: Not really, there is some, but not many. They both have different styles.

Q: How has recruitment been different?
A: Well at Hopkins open gym, there was plenty of college coaches that came to the gym, and just being at Hopkins competing against big teams.

Q: So far you guys have had some tough games. Won most. Lost a close one to Shakopee. I looked at the schedule and thought, whoa. That's some teams. How do you guys get ready every game?
A: By all being on the same page and following coach’s gameplan and mostly defense!