John Poulakidas had himself a historic 49 point game last night. This game wasn't just any game it was a matchup against state powerhouse Bolingbrook. The Raiders did everything they could but they couldn't slow the HM D1 prospect down. Poulakidas answered a few questions about his special game… 

JO - Did you feel any different coming into the game? 
JP - “Going into the game I had a more aggressive mindset because I knew that they are arguably the toughest team on our schedule so I wanted to make sure that I left it all on the court when it was said and done.” 

JO - At what point did you start to feel like this would be a special game for you? 
JP - “I kinda felt it after the first quarter because I saw how my shots were falling which really boosted my confidence so I knew that I had to keep attacking and not let up so we could stay in the game.” 

JO - What did this win over Bolingbrook mean for your program and yourself? 
JP - “The win for both myself and the team is big without question, however we know that we still have work to do and that we cannot let it get to our heads because we need to get locked in and focus on our upcoming games.” 

JO - How did your teammates help you accomplish this amazing feat? 
JP - “My teammates saw how I had the hot hand so they were feeding me when I was open and they were also being patient within our offense. They were setting great screens to free me up both on-ball and off-ball, and they trusted my instincts that I would make the right plays.”