One underclassmen creating plenty of buzz for himself recently this year is Leon Bond, a 6’5” sophomore forward at Wauwatosa East High School. Bond is one of the most dynamic and athletic playmakers in the state of Wisconsin, regardless of class. 

Bond’s skills were on full display recently at the NY2LA Sports Classic against Homestead in which he scored a season high 25 points, on an even more impressive nine of eleven shooting from the field. The highly athletic and lengthy wing forward does a great job getting to the rim off the dribble. He has the ability to glide past defenders or simply bully quicker defenders down into the paint to put himself into high percentage scoring opportunities. 

While he has yet to garner any scholarship offers, he has started to gain plenty of interest from college coaches. So far with all his abilities, Bond has attracted the interest from Marquette, Northern Iowa, Western Michigan, Wisconsin-Milwaukee, among some other mid-major programs. When looking down the line in what Bond would be looking for in a college, he responded with “I would love to go to a college with a lot of loyalty and a family atmosphere that has a very deep history of winning.” The sophomore is also looking at a lot more than just basketball as he added “the school would also have to have great academics.”

While Bond and Wautasoa East are off to a bit off a slow start this year with a 2-3 record currently, that has not lessened his expectations at all. “My goal this high school season is a state title, that I believe to be a very realistic goal…We started off slow but we look very good this year.” For his personal goals, Bond is looking at improving some aspects on both sides of the ball. “I would like to improve my shot quickness being that I have a good shot, just very slow and I would like to make my defense and handle better.”

Wauwatosa East and Bond will be intriguing to watch over the next couple of months to see if they can turn their record around and advance towards a state title. In addition to what new schools will start to show interest in the explosive sophomore.