When it comes to sophomores who have made an impact this year a few names come to mind but one really sticks out. We caught up with Trey Pettigrew the 6’4 Fenwick guard to ask him a few questions. Here is what the young Friar had to say… 

JO - How’s recruitment going, what schools have been involved? 
TP - “It’s starting up, different schools are showing interest like Purdue, Xavier, Wisconsin, Penn State, Milwaukee Wisconsin, Chicago State, and a few smaller ones right now.” 

JO - Do you plan on visiting any schools? 
TP - “I should be going out to Xavier and Purdue soon, hopefully I will be able to catch a game.” 

JO - What makes you a recruit that schools should get involved in? 
TP - “I play at a fast pace for a fairly big guard. I can knock down shots from outside or mid-range and finish at the rim. I can defend 94 feet. For being as young as I am I think I'm a good leader and floor general.” 

JO - How has playing alongside Bryce Hopkins made you a better player? 
TP - “It’s opened up the court for me and has allowed me to play more freely.  He’s a great player, so I learn a lot from watching and playing with him. He also plays multiple positions right now. So we all move around which forces us to play multiple positions, which in the end makes us better.”