The 2019 Summer Jam came to a close Sunday at Homestead High School in Mequon, WI. There were plenty of talented teams and players in action at both the 14U and 15U level. Bracket play ended and championships were won.  Here is a recap of some of the top performances of the day. 

Top Performers
Steven Clay - Phenom University EYBL - 2022

Steven Clay had a great day for Phenom University EYBL which led to a Summer Jam championship over Quad City Elite. Clay used his length and athletic ability to get to the rim and consistently score baskets. Clay was able to score in double digits for all three games on Sunday as he had 18 points against IE Side, 10 points against Milwaukee Running Rebels and finished with a game high 17 points in the championship. Clay is a special talent who has lots of upside. 

Amerion Nimmers - Quad City Elite - 2022
Quad City Elite might have fallen short of winning a championship on Sunday but Amerion Nimmers did everything he could to help his team win. Nimmers was extremely efficient from the field in championship game and gave a maximum effort performance. Nimmers was scoring very well but was also doing the little things to try to give his team a victory. Nimmers finished with 24 points in the championship against Phenom University and had a fantastic Summer Jam tournament. 

Peyton Lacombe - Illinois Wolves - 2022
The long forward, Peyton Lecombe for the Illinois Wolves had a nice Sunday at the NY2LA Summer Jam. In a quarter final game against All In Lacombe led his team to a 45-43 victory. In this matchup Lacombe was able to get to the basket and score constantly. Lacombe ended this game with 14 points and grabbed more than a handful of rebounds. Lacombe had many good games this week and helped his team reach the semifinals. 

Jamari Bell - Illinois Wolves - 2023
All week long Jamari Bell used his strength and skill to overpower opponents for rebounds and to finish around the rim. Bell plays extremely well all weekend long and was consistently leading his team in points and rebounds. The Wolves won the Championship by defeating Full Package, Bell scored 11 points but the Wolves were a very well balanced and well coached team all weekend as they finished 7-0.   

Stock Boosters 
Jackson Paveletzke - Phenom University EYBL - 2022

All week long Phenom University EYBL could count on Jackson Paveletzke to get baskets for them, especially from deep. Paveletzke had many great games in which he showed his ability to score the ball on many different levels. However, on Sunday Paveletzke had a standout performance in the semifinal game that did not go unnoticed. In a hard fought matchup with the Running Rebels Paveletzke dropped in 9 three pointers which led to 32 points and a Phenom victory, Phenom went on to win the Championship. Paveletzke is a hard working player, who has a lot of basketball in front of him. He is a great scorer and an up and coming prospect who played extremely well all week long.  

Derek Lindert - Randolph Boys Club - 2022
Someone who made a name for himself this weekend was Derek Lindert of Randolph Boys Club. Lindert and Randolph are not the most flashy but they were able to be very successful. The decision making and basketball IQ that Lindert exhibits is why he was able to stand out this weekend. He takes good open shots and knocks them down and can get to the rim and finish as well. Randolph fell to the Running Rebels in the Quarter finals but Linder scored 21 points in the loss. 

Donovan Sparks - Milwaukee Running Rebels - 2022
Donovan Sparks is a confident player who was able to show his skills off this weekend for the Milwaukee Running Rebels. Sparks is very quick and has a strong frame which causes matchup problems for defenders. It was challenging for opponents to stop Sparks from getting to the rim and finishing. Sparks poured in 16 points in a quarter final victory before losing to Phenom University EYBL in the semifinals. 

Mark Nikolich-Wilson - Full Package - 2023
Full Package made a run to the championship on Sunday at the 2019 Summer Jam and a player that helped this happen was Mark Nikolich-Wilson. Nikolich-Wilson found ways to get buckets all week long and Sunday was no different. Nikolich-Wilson can score inside and out and is confident in his abilities. He uses his frame to grab boards and score baskets very well. Full Package ran into the Illinois Wolves in the championship and lost 45-36 but Nikolich-Wilson had 11 points in the defeat.