The 2019 Summer Jam continued Saturday at Homestead High School in Mequon, WI. There were plenty of talented teams and players in action at both the 14U and 15U level. Bracket play created lots of great games with many good individual performances.  Here is a recap of some of the top performances of the day. 

Top Performers

Marieon Anderson - Quad City Elite - 2022
A consistent player who was able to catch fire on Saturday was Marieon Anderson for Quad City Elite. Anderson is a relentless slasher who gets into the lane and finishes through contact. He was very efficient and productive which helped out his team. Anderson is a key impact player for Quad City Elite who scored 18 points in a 66-59 hard fought win against the WI Dynasty. 

Sonny Williams - Illinois Wolves - 2023
A player who has been dominant all Summer Jam for the Illinois Wolves is Sonny Williams. Lots of the Wolves success can be linked to the things Williams has done. Williams is very challenging to stay in front of and when he blows by his defender he finishes around the rim nicely. Williams is also a willing passer who helps his team receive easy baskets. The ability that Williams has on the offensive end is a huge benefit for the Illinois Wolves who were able to defeat Man Up. In this game Williams scored 14 Points. 

Amare Posey - Team Milwaukee - 2023
Team Milwaukee is a team that plays off of each other very well and on Saturday it was Amare Posey that was reaping the benefits. Posey seemed to be in the right spot at the right time all day. Posey created many steals and got up and down the floor very well. Posey scored in the double digits in both games as Team Milwaukee won both games in blowout fashion. 

Seth Trimble - Phenom University EYBL - 2022
The Phenom University EYBL team got off to a poor start but in the second half that changed. Seth Trimble led the charge for Phenom as he handled the ball and pushed the pace to gain a controlling lead over the WI Focus. Trimble is a solid ball handler who can create for others. He uses his quick first step and tight ball handling to weave through opponents and get to the basket where he finishes at a very high rate. Trimble finished with11 points in a 57-47 victory. 


Stock Boosters 

Nathan Gapinski - WI Focus - 2022
The WI Focus was able to compete at a very high level this weekend and a lot of that had to do with the play of Nathan Gapinski. Gapinski is has good size and length that he uses to his advantage on the floor. He has a nice jump shot and gets to the rim nicely. It is rare that he is not the team leader in points and rebounds. Gapinski played well on Saturday as he scored 11 points against the Illinois Irish before being eliminated by Phenom University. 

Anthony Munson - Illinois Storm - 2022
A player who was playing with something to prove on Saturday was Anthony Munson of the Illinois Storm. Munson came out firing on all cylinders and helped his team to an early lead. Munson is a crafty unselfish guard who is determined to find a way to win. Munson created many steals and pushed the tempo in transition to get easy buckets. Munson is a smooth player who plays within himself to help his team. Munson Finished with 18 points in a loss to Quad City Elite.

Harrison Reede - BBB Academy  - 2022
After many thought that the game might be over Harrison Reede led a comeback against Hoop Avenues Elite. Reede finished the first half with only 3 points but when the second half started, Reede became impossible to stop. Reede is a very intelligent basketball player who is always hunting his next shot, he finds open spots on the floor and uses screens very well. His shooting was on display as he made 8 three point baskets and finished with 27 points as the comeback fell short and BBBA lost 57-54. 

Nicholas Martinelli - All In Silver Figueroa - 2022
Nicholas Martinelli has played well at the 2019 Summer Jam for All In Silver Figueroa. The 2022 forward plays an aggressive and physical style that can rebound the ball as good as anyone. Martinelli does a great job of making a quick rip move and beating his defender to the hoop where he has shown the ability to finish through contact. Martinelli had 30 points in a 55-43 win over Full Package. 

Jamari Bell - Illinois Wolves - 2023
Jamari Bell of the Illinois Wolves had a very good day on Saturday at the Summer Jam. Bell is a strong and physical forward who plays hard every possession. He does a nice job pulling in rebounds for his team and finishing around the rim. Bell does some of the little things that have helped the Wolves be so dominant this weekend. Bell finished with 12 points in the first game of the day for the Wolves. 



Kyle Taylor - Quad City Elite - 2022
Kyle Taylor caught some attention on Saturday with a game against the Illinois Storm. Quad City Elite has the luxury of having many talented guards and one of them is Kyle Taylor. Taylor is a smart player who can control the game with his ball handling. Taylor is not the quickest player but is a crafty ball handler and finisher who can connect from the perimeter as well. Taylor scored 11 points in a 55-48 victory. 

Rashawn Bost - Hoop Avenues Elite - 2022
A rising prospect for Hoop Avenues Elite is Rashawn Bost. Bost can do a variety of different things and dictates how the game goes for his team. He pushes the ball and gets it to the open man with his solid dribbling and passing skills. He also can knock down perimeter shots when the drive to the basket is not available. The quick guard hit 2 three pointers and finished with 20 points as Hoop Avenues defeated BBBA 57-54.

Drew Meyers - Illinois Attack - 2022
Drew Meyers showed he could handle pressure and play at a high level on Saturday. The Illinois Attack faced off against a very talented All In team and Drew Meyers did not back down. Meyers played tough the entire game and caused problems for the All In defense. The confident guard has a high basketball IQ finished with 15 points and 4 three pointers in a loss.