Summer Jam - Day 1 Recap

Top Performers
Yogi Oliff - Hoop Avenues Elite - 2022
Yogi Oliff of Hoop Avenues Elite started the Summer Jam off with a solid performance against Milwaukee Running Rebels. Oliff has great court awareness and makes solid decisions on the floor. There is no doubt he is a leader for his team and he sets the tone with his effort on the floor. Oliff showed he can hit shots from outside and can get to the rim to finish. Oliff finished the day with 14 points in a game which went into overtime with the Milwaukee Running Rebels.  

Donovan Sparks - Milwaukee Running Rebels - 2022
For the entire game when the Milwaukee Running Rebels Donavan Sparks is looking to attack the basket. Sparks uses his strength, solid frame and explosion to power by his defenders. Sparks is a great playmaker for his team, he creates for his teammates and scores when he has the opportunity. In an opening round matchup with IE Side, Sparks finished with 17 points in a lopsided victory. 

Hayden Cutter - IE Side - 2022
Although IE Side did not finish their first game the way the wanted against the Milwaukee Running Rebels, Hayden Cutter was able to put together a standout performance in the defeat. Cutter put on a scoring clinic in the first half, connecting on 8 baskets for 16 points and added 7 points in the second. The mid-range game was working for Cutter and it was tough to stop. When the opposition tried to take Cutter away he was able to distribute to his teammates and find other ways to score the ball around the rim. Cutter complements his scoring with a unique rebounding ability and can count on him to hustle to make things happen. 

Daylan Ellington - Quad City Elite NY2LA - 2022
Daylan Ellington of Quad City Elite continues to show improvement and confidence in his game. In a matchup with the WI Rap Ellington used his ball handling skills to control the game and be a playmaker for his squad. Ellington showed an ability to get into the paint and create for teammates while also scoring when he could. In a 49-45 loss, Ellington netted 10 points. 

Andrew Rhode - Phenom University EYBL - 2022
A clear standout in the Phenom University EYBL and Il Wolves UAA opening round game was Andrew Rhode. Rhode does a little bit of everything for his team. He has a great basketball IQ and has great instincts on the floor. Rhode can shoot it from the perimeter, get to the rim and finish, handle the ball and can defend. Rhode finished with 10 points in a 52-32 victory, 

Kyle Thomas - IL Wolves UAA - 2022
Despite having foul trouble in his first game, Kyle Thomas was still able to put together a solid showing against the Phenom University EYBL team. Thomas is a monster inside the paint and is a relentless rebounder. He is always fighting to get position and is active on both ends of the floor. The big man has nice footwork and is always a threat to block shots. Thomas finished with 11 points. 

Chris Martin - Illinois Wolves - 2023
Chris Martin of the Illinois Wolves was relentless in using his strength and athleticism to bully his opponents and score at will. Martin has a strong frame and is extremely effective in the post. The explosive forward has great post work and finishing skills which is paired with his great decision making. Martin scored in the double digit range in a blowout win over the WI Phenoms. 

Kylan Boswell - All In Williams - 2022
No one scored the ball better than Kylan Boswell on Thursday night at the 2019 Summer Jam. Boswell is an all-around player who can score in a variety of ways. His long frame shoot over defenders or sky by them to finish around the rim. Boswell has a good looking shot that is capable of knocking down perimeter shots. Boswell continued to find ways to score all day as he contributed 35 points in a victory of the Il Irish. 

Stock Boosters
Nathan Gapinski - WI Focus Blue - 2022

With a combination of length and athleticism, Nathan Gapinski started off the summer jam with a solid performance. Gapinski has great playmaking skills and instincts on the floor. He has incredible upside and will continue to be a matchup problem for most opposing teams. Gapinski finished with 15 points in a 56-52 loss to Kessel Heat.

Evan Porto - Kessel Heat - 2022
Kessel Heat started the weekend at the Summer Jam with a quality 56-52 victory over the WI Focus. Porto is an explosive guard who has a good mid-range jumper and can get to the rim as well. He compliments his game with the ability to create for his teammates and is the floor general for his team. Porto finished with 15 points. 

Marquese Dotson - IL Storm - 2022
Although sometimes it might look unconventional Marquese Dotson finds a way to put the ball in the basket. Dotson is long and is not always the most explosive but is a crafty scorer who led his team in scoring on Thursday. Although Dotson and his team and his team lost 65-61 in overtime, he finished with 12 points.

Juok Riak - WI Dynasty NY2LA - 2022
Juok Riak showed that he is a more than capable big man that has a tremendous amount of upside. Riak is a great rebounder who works to get position and is always looking to get the ball out in transition. His post skills are tough to match and he has some outside touch with his jumper as well. Riak finished with 14 points in an overtime victory. 

Elijah Reese - Quad City Elite - 2022
Quad City Elite and Elijah Reese is a versatile player who relies on hustle and effort. Reese is a strong and athletic player who is explosive in both rebounding and scoring. Reese finishes around the rim efficiently and does a great job in transition. Reese is a solid defender who won’t back down from anyone. 

Jackson Paveletzke - Phenom University EYBL - 2022
There are not many shooters at the Summer Jam better than Jackson Paveletzke of Phenom University. Paveletzke stretches the floor nicely for his team but he does more than just shoot from the perimeter. Paveletzke also has a solid mid range game and can get to the basket. It is clear that Paveletzke has a high basketball IQ and always plays extremely hard. Paveletzke finished a 52-32 victory with 13 points which included 3 three point baskets.

Ben Olson - WI Swing Siebert/Weis NY2LA - 2022
A strong player for the WI Swing Siebert/Weisboro NY2LA team on Thursday was Ben Olson. Olson is an explosive player who can score at multiple levels. Olson has good shot selection and is a hustle player who has effort that is challenging to match. He gets to the free throw line often due to his physical style of play. Olson finished with 13 points in a 54-50 win over Il Attack. 

Kavell Joiner - Milwaukee Rebels - 2023
The Milwaukee Running Rebels have a prospect that will be one to keep an eye on in Kavell Joiner. Joiner is a quick guard who is relentless in getting to the rim and can handle the ball extremely well. Joiner finished around the rim at a high percentage and is able to score using a pull up jumper. Although the Rebels were unable to come out victorious Joiner poured in 17 points. 

Robby Michael - WI Focus Blue - 2022

Robby Michael of the WI Focus plays like he has something to prove. The hard-nosed, tough guard backs down from no one. Despite a smaller frame and size, Michael is a tenacious defender who has a knack for the ball and is active on the boards. Michael is a solid ball handler who attacks the rim hard and can also score from the outside. The Focus fell to Kessel Heat 56-53, however, Michael had a strong performance and scored 15 points. 

Andrew Reindl - WI RAP DJ - 2023
The Wisconsin Rap and Andrew Reindl played a hard fought close game with Quad City Elite. Reindl led his team in points and was able to do a lot of good things for his team. He is a player who has good court awareness and also has intangibles. Reindl finished with 10 points. 

Ty Leeberg  - IL Attack  - 2022
The Il Attack got a burst of energy from Ty Leeberg on Thursday against the WI Swing. The relentless guard would not give up and constantly on the attack. Leeberg is a good ball handler and uses his quickness to blow by defenders and to create space for his shots. Leeberg has a decent perimeter shot and scores in a variety of ways. He finished with 15 points, which included 3 three pointers. 

Luther Smith - ABC Young Lions - 2023
The ABC Young Lions relied on the playmaking abilities of Luther Smith. Smith plays extremely hard and is extremely quick. He is a solid ball handler who has great vision and passes the ball well. Smith leads his team on the floor and makes good decisions with the basketball in his hands. Smith finished with 10 points in his opening round matchup. 

Emmet O’Shaughnessy - Illinois Wolves - 2023
Emmet O’Shaughnessy was a player who had a great but might have flown under the radar. O’Shaughnessy did not score the most points on his team but did a lot of things that were key to their success. Whether it was on the defensive or offensive end O’Shaughnessy was doing the little things to help his team win. O’Shaughnessy’s best skill was his ability to pass the ball and create for his teammates.